The Reality of Race

People Really Are Just Like Dogs

The family of Laocoon entwined in coils of DNA | Wellcome Collection

Race is human construct. A ‘tree’ is human construct too, like everything else people have given a name. Even the idea of human construct is itself a construct. But such abstractions help support scientists like Bill Nye in their claim that race is anything but real. Comparing humans and dogs, Nye concludes, “There is no...

The World Population Bubble

We Can Still Cancel the Apocalypse

Sisteen chapel painting by Leonardo DaVinci

“We, at the height, are ready to decline.” — Shakespeare

Civilizations come and go. History recorded the rise and fall of dozens of peoples and their societies, among others Ancient Egypt, Old Greece, the Roman Empire, and more recently, the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. So, we, at the height, have to wonder: Is the modern world immune to collapse? The possibility that it might not be spells worry. In his book The Collapse of Complex Societies (...

The Fading Song of the West

O my Hiawatha!

An illustration by Frederick Remington for the poem, 1889.

“O my Hiawatha! All your prayers are heard in heaven, For you pray not like the others; Not for greater skill in hunting, Not for greater craft in fishing, Not for triumph in the battle, Nor renown among the warriors, But for profit of the people, For advantage of the nations.”

These lines were taken from the epic poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written in 1855. That year, in a time when political...

Open Borders for Capitalism

Why Multinational Corporations Aim to Deconstruct National Government

Photo by Stephen Weppler | CC BY-NC-ND

“Are capitalism and communism not both in the process of converging into a neo-feudalism, led and manipulated by big, powerful bureaucracies in which the individual loses his humanity?” — Erich Fromm

For centuries, national governments, or nation-states, have pursued a business model of taxing their citizens’ productivity in exchange for the oft...

The Promise of Eternal Life

A Hands-On Review of Christianity

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London | CC BY-NC-ND

As a life-long “atheist” (I prefer to say: someone who doesn’t fall for organized religion) in search of spiritual renewal, I decided to take a hands-on look at the world’s great religions and belief systems. In this article: Christianity.

Stumbling into Westminster Cathedral, London, a man dressed in white robes I...

The False Promise of Future Gains

The Cynical Truth about What Really Drives Human Behavior

Monte Carlo by Julien REBOULET | CC BY-NC

When I was an intern at a major car manufacturer in southeastern Germany, I asked another intern colleague why he had decided to apply. The colleague held hopes the internship would land him a full-time job, because it came with a new company car once every two years. He had reasoned that, if he would not get a company car, he would end up spending most of his future savings to afford them anyway. He worked relentlessly to prove himself and even extended his unpaid internship by...

The Defense of Europe

If Not Now, When?

Robert de Normandie at the Siege of Antioch 1097–1098

Arabs, guardians of Islam and its one and a half billion supporters, know that one day their oil will run out. Then their only source of income will disappear, because Arab nations don’t produce anything else the world needs. But in order to secure Islamic power on the world stage, Arab leaders must go looking for a new source of income.

Europe is willingly offering them that source: an aging, economically weakened continent that has fallen asleep, inhabited by naive suckers. If now isn’t the...

Africa's Population Potential

The UN projects that the African population will grow to 4.4 billion individuals by the end of this century, over a third of the entire global population. Despite its ethnically diverse peoples, Africa will not only become the world’s largest consumer market, but potentially also the biggest supply of cheap labor to the developed world.

An overlooked question, however...

Revolt of the Oppressed

Patriots Will Defeat Progressive Appeasement Politics

Trojan Horse, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (18th century)

“Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves,” wrote American longshoreman Eric Hoffer.[ibib]228[/ibib] (p. 14) Still today, people spoiled by wealth prefer to escape reality, rather than having to admit migrants threaten their civilization. The faith in progressive appeasement politics has become a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves.

Easy and Hard Life

Hoffer, a simple and poor worker, gained fame with his insights...

The Self-Hatred that Derailed Kip Kinkel

Tragedy at Thurston High School

On May 21st, 1998, fifteen-year-old Kip Kinkel shot dead both of his parents. By car, he drove to school and opened fire on his classmates. Before the police overpowered him, he killed two students and wounded 25. The search for his true motives begins with a farewell letter he left behind after the murder of his parents, “I am a horrible son. I wish I had been aborted. I destroy everything I touch. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I didn’t deserve [my parents].”...