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Celebrate the European Spring

It's Time to Choose What We Stand For

Eugène Delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple

As a teenager, I was a socialist, but in adulthood I turned out to be a reactionary. What went wrong? Well, I’ve grown tired of standing by as waves of millions of immigrants crash into Europe’s shores every year for over half a century. The politics of our replacement has made all other politics obsolete. There’s no point in debating policy when there’s no place left to govern. Europe has gone to hell.

Regardless, a progressive movement...

Science Does Not Think

Science Has Yet to Become Scientific

Engraving from the Flammarion (1888) by an unknown artist

“The ‘apparent’ world is the only one: the ‘real world’ has only been lyingly added…”—Friedrich Nietzsche1

Philosophy questions itself, wrote German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) at a young age, “In contrast to researchers in other fields of science, it appears to be a particular quality of the philosopher that he always...

The Chimp Engineers: A Parable

Scientists Struggle to Make Sense of Chimpanzees after Discovering a Lack of Diversity and Equality

Chimp by Patrick Bouquet | CC BY-NC-ND

A group of scientists working for the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project in Uganda has been monitoring a particular chimp society consisting of over 200 members since 1995. Yet despite aggressive efforts to make the Ngogo chimps more diverse, ignorant males continue to practice patriarchy.

“When we first arrived, the team was so shocked we had to run back to our safe spaces,” said professor Hare. “We discovered that chimpanzees living at Ngogo...

World War’s Winners and Losers

Participants’ Economic Gains and Losses in Terms of Gross Domestic Product

Gains and Losses in Global GDP Share for World War I (1914-1918)

Who won the First and the Second World Wars? History says German lost both, and the United States of America won both. Economic data supports the historic record. Comparing participants by their share of global GDP, or gross domestic product, I’ve identified which countries benefited most from either world war.

The First World War


The Imploding G7

If the European Union Were a Business, Its Investors Would Put It up for Sale

Major European economies in sharp decline relative to the world

Comparing each state’s relative share of the global economy, or its ‘market share’ as measured by its gross domestic product (GDP), I noticed four of the G7 states have been steadily losing their share since at least 1900. They are the four largest European economies of Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Much unlike the US,...

The Changing Face of the U.S. Economy

This Graphs Shows What Open Borders Are Doing to America

Graph 1. U.S. Population: Whites vs. Non-Whites (1900-2015)

The blue line in the graph above shows how the total U.S. population has developed since 1900. The red line represents white people’s share of the population (not counting Hispanics). The graph shows that America been a white Christian nation for a long time, at least up until 1960, when U.S. demographics suddenly began to change.

Since 1980, the aging white...

Becoming a Polyglot

Planning Ahead to Learn Dozens of Languages

The Tower of Babel (1563-1565) by Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Are you thinking of learning many languages? Do you want to be a polyglot, fluent in dozens of tongues? Planning ahead, what would be an ideal approach to learning dozens of new languages efficiently?

Learning Similar Languages First

In order to learn many languages, it makes sense to learn them in order of similarity. Many languages share a common grammar with neighboring languages, and at least a...

The West versus the Rest

Diminishing Western Power as an Incentive for War?

Share of Global GDP for the West and the Rest (1960-2015)

How do civilizations compare economically? Dividing up the world into roughly nine civilizations,1 we can sum their member nations’ gross domestic product (GDP). This allows us to track a civilization’s share of the global economy over time.

Economists have long questioned the use of GDP as a...

The End of Atlanticism

The West and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Germanic men assembled at a 'thing' - from Marcus Aurelius' column (193 AD)

Atlanticism is the belief in a single European-American worldview, as expressed in NATO and many trans-Atlantic trade agreements. But the relationship between Europe and America is far from equal. Since the American armies emerged victoriously from the Second World War, Europeans have been living as vassals, serving the interests of American capitalism.

In exchange for NATO protection,...

Progressive Dehumanization

The Belief in Political Progress Substitutes for Genuine Religious Belonging

Guernica (1937) by Pablo Picasso

Reminding people of death strengthens their belief in social and moral progress, especially when those people are not very religious.1 Hence, in our deconfessionalized time, a growing number of people has substituted genuine religion for a belief in progressive politics.

But history warns us. Decades after Karl Marx called religion “the opiate of the...