Fight or Flight?

Politically Correct Self-Delusion Helps People Accept Their Demise

Up until the very last seconds before a disaster, people possess the ability to delude themselves into thinking “everything will be alright”. While the allied forces were bombing Hitler’s Berlin bunker, Eva Braun and her friends were dancing on the tables, singing, drinking champagne, and toasting to the victory they thought would come any moment. Paralyzed by the possibility of an insurmountable setback, they fled into self-delusion.

Decent citizens can delude themselves, too. Psychologists have invented a phrase for it, coping behavior. We cope with a setback by adopting self-destructive behaviors so that we can continue to believe in a false truth, despite negative events engulfing the world around us. Likewise, by pretending we have fallen in love with the newcomers, our collective Stockholm syndrome is expediting our end. We choose to share our freedom and our wealth with the rest of the world, hoping to delay the end long enough for just one more meaningless part. Deep inside, though, most of us already know that the party’s over.

Western self-delusion expresses itself best in political correctness. We continue to deceive ourselves into thinking that the relentless flows of immigrants from Arab, African, Asian, Indian and Latin American nations will ‘enrich’ our future rather than exterminate us. Our love for the multicultural experiment blurs the fact that not even a combined European-American army could effectively protect the borders of our civilization. Rather than admit to our weaknesses and prepare for deserved—and underserved—blows, we continue to say to ourselves, “Everything will be alright.”

There are simply too many immigrants to stop them. Our self-delusion has reached the pinnacle of naivité when so-called welcome committees festively embrace the new Islamic Crusaders into their midst. As we’ve seen in the wake of the stage Syrian crisis, the majority of refugees is made up of single males of fighting age. Most aren’t even Syrian. They have left their hungry women and children behind in war zones but our self-delusion refuses to acknowledge them. Soon, we will have to swap the freedom we inherited from our ancestors for the benefits of Sharia law. To the gallows with us!

It’s our privilege to hang ourselves, our politicians say. The few freedom-loving Europeans must find the courage to cut themselves loose from this sinking ship we once called our civilization. Precisely in the light of the insurmountable setback that our pending colonization poses to us, we must rise up to the challenge and change our attitudes towards it. We shall not bend, we shall not budge. Instead, we have an opportunity to show the world that we are, indeed, descendants of the Spartans, the Batavi, and the Cherusci.

For over 2,500 years, our ancestors withstood the threat of collectivism. There is no reason for us to surrender now. We shall fight and we shall win, no matter how long it takes.

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