On the Mechanics of War

War drives technological innovation, but aside from using technology to defeat a competitor fighting over the same resources, such preoccupation with technology primarily helps numb the senses. Technological innovation takes our minds off our feelings, both during wartime and peacetime, in a manner similar to how blithering idiots ramble on like freight trains in their attempt to suppress up-welling feelings they have no experience in processing because they never make time to try.

The less time people spend evaluating their feelings, the more likely they will pursue aggressive war. But we do not always fare wars with others, often we fare wars with ourselves. For the sake of survival and self-preservation, many people are at war with their circumstances. For example, during the Industrial Age, to support their growing numbers, the European and American peoples waged war against their surroundings, securing raw materials and energy to produce the type of technology that eventually elevated their populations.

Few people understand the relationship between agriculture and oil. Without oil, humankind could not feed more than a billion people on Earth, a far cry from the over seven billion today. This symbiosis gives oil suppliers the upper hand in geo-strategic politics. The Western machinery that provides so much artificial wealth runs in large part on Middle-Eastern oil. Hence, Americans find themselves forced to deploy their own armies to fight their suppliers’ wars. Europeans find themselves welcoming millions of migrants, either as guest workers, through family reunification or as refugees.

These mostly Middle Eastern migrants claim their new Lebensraum at their host nations’ expense, but there is nothing Europeans can do about it, for if they protested, the oil suppliers would cut them off. This is why Europeans, especially the wealthier Western Europeans, have learned to embrace the dogma’s of multiculturalism and internalize its taboos, for it is the tax they have to pay for their wealth.

However, this precarious situation is only temporary. Ultimately, either Middle Easterners and their African supporters, who have nothing to lose, overrun Europe and take all of its wealth, or the European peoples revolt, but they will have to forsake all their wealth for doing so.

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