The Socio-Capitalist Complex

The Survivors of the 22nd Century Will Be the Most Aggressive Oppressors of the 21st

The problem with socialism is that it is inherently a lie. Capitalism and socialism are not opposing but complementary forces. Working together, this socialist-capitalist Chimera maximizes an economy’s population size. Through ‘equality’ socialism effaces the masses in preparation of mass consumption, allowing for capitalist economies of scale. Capitalism serves these effaced masses efficiently, and in doing so increases the economy’s capacity for carrying bigger populations. Bigger populations afford more socialism. Therefore, capitalism is socialism’s precondition: only wealthy nations can afford the cost of ‘progress’.[1]

We have a resource problem. If every Chinese citizen wants to own a car like Americans and Europeans do, we’ll need four Earths just to produce enough cars. Unless we find new Earths to exploit, the Chinese will not be able to drive cars. Herein lies the invention of social oppression, but it is a mistake to believe that capitalism is the cause of it. Instead, all social oppression is the consequence of continued population growth.[2]

Consequently, the 21st century will see the emergence of highly oppressive ideologies to prevent the have-nots from becoming have-alls.Wealthier peoples will exert social oppression using their weapon of choice, e.g. discrimination by economic class, birth caste, tribe, nationality, religion, race or otherwise. All but one thing is clear: the richest, most technologically advanced peoples will be the ones oppressing the ‘others’. What remains open for debate is whether that still means the West, or whether East-Asia will take the world by surprise.

The underlying message is: humanity has entered the final stage of a global-scale Tragedy of the Commons, but neither socialism nor capitalism can solve it. New, socially oppressive ideologies can, because the only real solution to a Tragedy of the Commons is to reduce the number of consumers. Reducing the population can be done either voluntarily through birth control — which requires social oppression — or involuntarily through famine, war and, ultimately, deliberate extermination and genocide (e.g. as ISIS already practices).

Unless we find new worlds to colonize and alien peoples to submit to our greedy system, the current system will inevitably collapse. The survivors of the 22nd century will be the most aggressive oppressors of the 21st.

[1]David M. Potter, People of Plenty: Economic Abundance and the American Character, 1st ed. (Essex: Phoenix Books, 1965).

[2]Paul Colinvaux, The Fates of Nations: A Biological Theory of History (Penguin Books, 1983).

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