The Decentralize Everything Manifesto

Let’s Unwind the Unfair Structures that Govern Our Lives

Most of us believe that hardworking people are rewarded for their talents and for the risks they are willing to take. But the power elites of modern societies successfully centralized the people’s productivity in corporate ‘farms’, which they own. For example, in 2013 Apple paid 76% ($37B) of its profits to shareholders, while more than 50,000 hard working employees scrambled for a piece of the remaining 24% ($9B), including the CEO and the board of directors. The same distribution is true for Exxon Mobil or Microsoft. As a regular employee, you will never earn more than a fraction of your productivity — the world’s greatest con job.

We accept this unfairness because the ruling classes aggressively dominate the best bargaining positions and can, therefore, demand disproportionate returns for relatively low risks. But they lie. They free themselves, but they enslave the people. We The People have the power to unwind the unfair structures that govern our lives, that make it so difficult to reach higher levels of love and happiness. Using emerging technologies, notably the blockchain, we can democratize the fruits of our labor, but also consumer banking, taxes, national identity, intellectual property and even the supply of money.

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