Endgame: Europe Against the World

Europe and the Arab World meet each other in the final phase of two processes that will come together as in a deadly accident. The first process emerges from the economically failed Arab World that produces little to nothing the rest of the world wants to have and that knows little meaningful trade among itself.

Despite that, Islamic populations have grown explosively. For example, while the Dutch population doubled to slightly over 17 million inhabitants (which includes 2 million non-Western immigrants) between 1935 and 2015, the Turkish population quintupled in that same period of time from 15 to 75 million inhabitants. The same explosive growth can be observed in other majority-Islamic nations. Just like everyone else, these people want a meaningful future, one the failed Arab economies cannot possibly offer them.

The other process emerges from the economically successful though rapidly aging Europe. For several decades, European peoples have experienced a stagnating if not declining population. A likely explanation may be that by reducing the number of children per woman, Europeans could increase the amount of inherited wealth per child and, so, stay on top the global economy. In effect, white families have paid for their alleged economic privilege by lowering their birthrates to below the required replacement rates.

On the other hand, Arabs, other Muslims, and Third Worlders, a population of which two-thirds are younger than thirty years old, know that the wealth they will need to build up a life lies in Europe. If they do not conquer Western wealth, they will not be able to have families of their own, for the very reason that their (irresponsible) parents have had too many children—coaxed into having large families by an Islamic leadership that has been eying Europe’s lands for over 1,400 years. Besides, the Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis showed them and the world that Europe’s wealthy Valhalla can be reached on foot.

Meanwhile, European economies have also begun to stagnate as European nations fail to compete with the billions of slave laborers in India, China, and Africa. Dutch politician Rinnooy Kan (of the Democrats ’66 party), justly spoke of a ‘Japanization’ of Europe, namely the shrinking of both economy and population but with the difference that Japan is successfully protecting its borders, so far. The globalization that has long driven on Western profits has no reached its natural limits to growth, as the Club of Rome predicted.

We are at the start of an inevitable economic endgame—or perhaps a Ragnarök, a mythological battle for survival between the peoples of Earth. That endgame, however, has little to do with a clash of civilizations as Samuel Huntington foresaw, but rather with a clash of populations, a banal ecological struggle for living space as ecologist Paul Colinvaux understood in his book The Fates of Nations.

Because the Arab world cannot possibly supply its subjects with a future, Muslims will have to find the required wealth to feed their families elsewhere. They can do so by begging the West for food and luxury—in exchange for oil—or they can wait for the aging Europeans to die off and then take Europe’s capitals without even shedding a drop of blood. In case of a lack of patience, our invaders may quicken our dispossession by cutting Europe’s senile throats. It’s obvious why Islamic leaders are advocating armed holy war, the Jihad.

Europeans have a choice: stand by, idly, while invaders murder their sons and gangrape their daughters, or stand up, fight back, and take back control over Europe’s future. Our enemies know that wealth, luxury and hedonism have weakened the European fighting spirit to the level of that of an old snail. Within only a decade’s time, Rome and Athens may fall to Islam.

Will Europeans find renewed strength to fight for their survival?

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