Feminism Frees Men… to Go to War

When at sea, the naked eye cannot observe what great oceanic undercurrents move at great depths underneath. At surface level, we perceive a freedom to sail in any direction the winds take us, but the undercurrents we see cannot influence the direction of the wind.

Similarly, the human society operates on many levels, of which the naked eye can only observe most trivial matters. Why has the West embraced the emancipation of women? At first glance, merely touching the surface of the matter, we awaken to the progressive insight that women are equal and that their equality, therefore, warrants their emancipation. As far as the West is concerned, in hardly half a century, the women’s movement successfully promoted their education, and less successfully their employment, but we will come to that.

Digging slightly deeper, we discover that the aging demographics of the West embraced women’s employment for economic reasons of growth, global competition, and home-market expansion, but this truth is not even remotely interesting in comparison to the deepest and widest of undercurrents, the one most neglected by public conscience.

Ultimately, at the core of the matter, while the Western peoples—from America to Europe, South Africa, and Australia—find themselves in a state of collective denial and self-delusion, the educated Western women inevitably will take command of the societies they gave birth to. Not out of wanting or desire, not out of a demand to repay their oppressed history, but to free the men to go to war.

Yes, war. While some failing civilizations go out with a whimper, the West’s historic aggression demands it go out with a bang. With women keeping the machinery at home running, sooner than later, Western men who have nothing left to live for will learn their destiny. Political correctness may obscure and deny this inevitable fate, perhaps because we unconsciously know that deluding ourselves is the best way to trick the enemy, but at the heart of the Western family, like everyone else, we will demand our survival—and we own the wealth to claim it.

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