Mass Migration’s True Motive

A Devil’s Pact Between the Low-Wage Industry and a Globalist Cabal

We say migration is of all times, but for the past two millennia, mass migrations to Europe ended in battles the newcomers lost. “We’re all immigrants”, they say, most of us do not descent from illegal immigrants nor from immigrants drawn to luxury lifestyles. Europe’s early settlers in South Africa, North America, Australia and New Zealand arrived in savage lands and had to build their societies up from the ground.

During the 18th, 19th and 20th century, hundreds of thousands of Europeans boarded the Holland America Line from Amsterdam to New York. They met an economic need. If not, they faced poverty as the New World certainly did not provide them with free healthcare and welfare programs. Upon their arrival at Ellis Island, the newcomers were required to pass a medical exam and take an IQ test. If they failed, they were sent back on the first ship sailing out. It didn’t change one bit whether the rejects felt insulted or discriminated, on whatever grounds.

Now, look at how the European Union protects its borders, attempting to integrate millions of utterly unassimilable Third Worlders without demanding compensation in whatsoever form. The American colonists of yore strengthened their new nation economically. Either that or they starved. But the majority of present-day ‘refugees’ lacking the required education for a job in highly technologized Western nations end up being dumped in welfare programs. They weaken the West.

Mass migration only occurs when a large region finds itself in a state of war or when its population is about to face hunger. Think of the Irish Hunger from 1845 to 1850 that drove many Irish to the Promised Land, the United States of America. Mass migration, however, never happens spontaneously. It is always the consequence of misery. Each refugee is one too many.

The hunger and war that drives people to flee their circumstances flow from long-term processes of social decay. With the United Nations at the forefront, the international community has an obligation to arrange for local support systems. Moreover, it is cheaper and safer to arrange for regional shelter programs than to ship millions of people thousands of miles across land and sea to far-away nations.

It makes no sense, yet that’s exactly what is happening. Again and again, the unanimous ‘solution’ sounds: send everyone to Europe. Since when did Europe turn into some kind of heaven on earth? Fooled by commercial advertising, billions of people are dreaming of coming to Europe for a luxury life that only exists in the movies. People certainly don’t come to Europe dreaming of lower-class jobs in rural towns. They come because they feel entitled to stardom.

Failing that, it’s easy to accuse their new hosts of being privileged racists. But Europeans aren’t gods. Before the Second World War, Norway was considered a Third World nation as its citizens often starved to death, trapped between the fjords in winters with temperatures far below freezing. Well into the 1970s, farmers from the eastern provinces of the Netherlands were living in wooden shacks no more impressive than those described by the Roman historian Tacitus two thousand years ago. Today, in Eastern Europe, many small towns still don’t have paved roads.

Cities like Shanghai, Dubai, or even Luanda, Angola, are much wealthier and far more advanced than, say, Germany’s rural villages. If you’re looking for paradise then why come to Europe, where freezing winters can last up to nine months of the year?

For one, the mass migration of guest workers that started during the postwar 1950s came about because Europe needed slave laborers to rebuilt its economies. The flows of guest workers officially ended in 1973, when both Germany and The Netherlands ended their recruitment programs. Indeed, the workers from Northern Africa and the Middle East didn’t migrate out of their own movement—they were actively displaced.

Nonetheless, guest workers turned into refugees, refugees into family reunion applicants, and the latter into economic migrants. A higher birth rate ensured the newcomers would soon dominate lower class neighborhoods. White Europeans are projected to become a minority before the year 2100. [1] The Netherlands, for example, has a dense population of 17 million, which includes nearly 4 million non-indigenous immigrants.

On January 2nd, 2016, the American company Cargill fired 190 employees—Somali refugees who had demanded the right to interrupt work to pray for Allah. The company declined because the interruptions would endanger production processes. More likely, it would endanger profits. But the question remains: had these ‘refugees’, mostly single men of fighting age, really come to America for a better life or were they recruited by big business as slave laborers? It turns out that globalization is a race to the bottom. Karl Marx would turn around in his grave.

The corporate psychopaths who direct these migrant streams don’t care for the quality of the immigrant nor for those drowned souls who didn’t make it across. From the perspective of financial self-interest, the globalists dictate to the politicians what they must tell the people to believe. To achieve this goal, corporations have bought their own politicians.

Mass migration is an act of war against indigenous populations. This was true when the Spanish Conquistadores invaded Latin America. It was true when Northern Europeans colonized North America. It still true when Arabs, Africans, Asians, and Indians come to invade Europe. But this crime against European humanity is no ordinary event. It is an act of treason by Europe’s own financial elites, a treason against their entire civilization.

This is no minor infringement upon our sovereignty or an insult to our national identities. Even Stalin and Hitler didn’t plunge their own peoples into the abyss at the rate Western corporate psychopaths are doing. The resistance, once assembled, shall be merciless. I advise the masters of finance to prepare an escape route and befriend a foreign nation where they may need to apply for asylum when the torched and pitchforked masses come for them.

[1]Martin Bosma, Minderheid in eigen land: Hoe progressieve strijd ontaardt in genocide en ANC-apartheid (Bibliotheca Africana Formicae, 2015), sec. epiloog.

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