On the Question of Being Born Good or Bad

On the question of whether people are born good or evil, the answer is, “competent”. Man—the species—is born competently equipped for his survival. To be “born good” therefore refers not to man, but to his environment, namely to be born in an abundant environment in which there is room for growth. To be “born bad” means to be born in a restrictive environment in which the survival of one comes at anothers’ expense.

For example, in a hypothetical environment with a carrying capacity of precisely X people, regardless of demographics, a new birth presupposes a new death. But as people are competently equipped for their survival, and in those cases where death does not come voluntarily or naturally, a new birth of one therefore demands others fight each other to the death, in the interest of their collective survival, i.e. to “make room”.

Interestingly, progressive social policy that preaches good, however, does not change bad environments into good ones, rather, progressive improvidence is itself the outcome of being born in abundance: abundance affords progress, not the other way around. Failing economies, meaning: economies failing to sustain the further growth of their dependent peoples, therefore, always lead to war. War, thus, benefits our collective survival, namely in those cases where formerly abundant environments decay into restrictive ones.

More problematically, politicians psychologically accustomed to abundance often fail to recognize such decay in order to curb it. Hence, all war coincides with political revolution. While this cynically puts the blame for war on the revolutionaries, it was really the blindness of their predecessors that demanded it.

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