Revolt of the Oppressed

Patriots Will Defeat Progressive Appeasement Politics

“Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves,” wrote American longshoreman Eric Hoffer.[1] Still today, people spoiled by wealth prefer to escape reality, rather than having to admit migrants threaten their civilization. The faith in progressive appeasement politics has become a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves.

Easy and Hard Life

Hoffer, a simple and poor worker, gained fame with his insights among intellectual circles. President Dwight Eisenhower quoted him during a televised speech.

In the nineteen sixties, a black man confronted Hoffer. The man was full of rage over the unequal America that had supposedly made him a victim of discrimination, but Hoffer torpedoed him: “Mister, it is easy to be full of rage. It is not easy to go to work and build something.”

Because of this remark, Hoffer was publicly accused of being racist. But Hoffer was right. It’s easy to surrender to rage and setback. It’s hard to do something about it. Conversely, it’s easy to give demanding others everything they want. But it’s hard to say “no” and stand up for oneself.

Cowardly Europe

As a consequence of progressive appeasement, the whole world watched how Europe couldn’t defend its borders against the Trojan horse of the refugee crisis. Already, African and Syrian migrants battle it out in asylum centers—because they hate each other’s race. Women and children who came looking for a safe haven have become victims of sexual violence by the very men they tried to escape from. And Europeans haven’t lifted a finger.

The whole world now knows that when in Europe, it pays to behave as aggressively as possible. Migrants have observed that white suckers neither have the guts to stand up for their history nor fight for their future. In Cologne, thousands of young women became victims of robberies, intimidation, sexual assault, and rape. But German men didn’t act.

Western peace politics has turned into the politics of capitulation. From 9/11, through Madrid, London, Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan massacre, Islamic migrants have successfully intimidated the West with sadistic violence. To avoid confrontation, our leaders give the terrorists and their ‘moderate’ supporters everything they demand. The attacked civilians, however, haven’t done anything in their self-defense.

Submission or Revolt?

It’s very easy to act ‘progressive’. Then, you don’t have to defend anything, and along with your Stockholm syndrome, you can be best friends with the people who hate us. It’s very to step aside in order to house migrants at the expense of one’s own population. It’s very easy to lay down the sarcastic pen out of fear of insulting others. It’s very easy to surrender oneself to the enemy.

But Islam, mass migration, and multiculturalism didn’t invite themselves. Self-hating politicians did that, those who sold the future of their grandchildren to barbarians and who spent the money on people illegally occupying their own lands.

When will we, the oppressed, finally revolt?

Choosing Civilization

We defend civilization when, in any confrontation between ourselves and others, we choose to defend our own values, precisely when it is hard to do so. Westerners—Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Africans and others—have no right to evade the conflict with the world.

In order to save the West, we will have to overcome ourselves first. Fate leaves us no other choice.

[1]Hoffer, Eric. The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements. Kindle. Titusville: Hopewell Publications, 2011, p. 14.

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