The Defense of Europe: If Not Now, When?

Arabs, guardians of Islam and its one and a half billion supporters, know that one day their oil will run out. Then their only source of income will disappear because Arab nations don’t produce anything else the world needs. But in order to secure Islamic power on the world stage, Arab leaders must go looking for a new source of income.

Europe is willingly offering them that source: an aging, economically weakened continent that has fallen asleep, inhabited by naive suckers. If now isn’t the time to conquer Europe, when is?

The Refugee Crisis

The whole world has watched how Europe literally failed to defend the confines of its civilization against the stream of refugees pouring in. It’s expected that over tens of millions of migrants are preparing to claim a better life as well. That will be the decline of Europe, the death of its civilization.

Opposite to Europe’s naive leadership is the Islamic Trojan Horse: an army of unmarried Arab men of fighting age. They came to Europe posing as refugees, but of the nearly one million that have reached Germany, three quarters disappeared into anonymity. They are plainclothes enemy soldiers. Still, Europe’s corrupt media keep calling all newcomers “refugees”.

Among the refugees, there are more than five thousand ISIS terrorists, only waiting for a sign from above to set fire to Europe. Meanwhile, the first Muslim colonists have established their own ‘jungle’ caliphate in Calais, France. Thousands of caliphates will follow, others proclaim. But while European asylum centers are flooding with testosterone bombs, police knock down every sane citizen’s protest.

Old Thinking

The biggest danger, however, is Europe’s political leaders. All at once, these ‘old thinkers’ exclaim that NATO will surely protect Europe. For who would be so crazy to attack a nuclear power? That’s a nice idea, but thanks to open borders the enemy has already arrived. Moreover, nuclear arms cannot effectively protect against a guerrilla war in one’s own cities, unless one is aiming for kamikaze.

And when Arabs proceed to attack, so the Russians will follow, dreaming of a return to the old Soviet Union, and the Turks, wishing to reinstate the Ottoman Empire. The Turks won’t have to march to Europe because thanks to mass migration they’re already there. All they have to do is put on their uniforms.

A Holy Europe

Never before in history have all Europeans fought for their collective survival. But they can draw inspiration from the richest, most heroic history. The Spartans stopped the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae. Arminius united the Northern Europeans against the advancing Roman army.

Godfrey of Bouillon reconquered Jerusalem. Europeans fought the Eastern hordes of Genghis Khan. Vlad the Impaler scared the living daylights out of the Turks. Jan Sobieski defeated them at Vienna. And let’s take an example of the Bulgarians. They had to live under the yoke of Islam for five hundred years, but never relinquished their resistance.

Europeans must leave the failed multicultural utopia behind them and found a new Holy Europe. The time of self-hatred and self-loathing is over. Europeans will reconquer their future. Deo volente—God willing.

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