Unfree Man

From Managed Child to Civilized Citizen

In Scandinavia’s North, the Sami live, the inhabitants of Lapland. Despite modern influences, many grew up as a child in a self-subsistent society. Early on, Sami children learn to bake their own bread, find fresh water, catch fish, or milk reindeer. Sami parents treat their children as human beings. Their society assumes Sami children possess the ability to take care of themselves.

That way, they grow up to become independent adults that don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. Their innate abilities have been brought to light by humane educators.

At the Tjäktja Fjällstuga, a remote mountain cabin in Swedish Lapland, I spoke with a blond-haired Sami woman. She had heard about Britain’s ‘Brexit’ on the radio. She was thunderstruck by the power our politicians wield. Thinking of Britain, she said, “What a strange place that England must be! All those politicians telling people what to do… what use do they have?”

Modern Civilization

The contrast with modern ‘civilization’ could not have been greater. Precisely in our highly educated, technological societies we no longer treat children as competent human beings, but as flawed pawns that media and education must ‘civilize’ into citizens. Citizens are a sort of afflicted people that, despite a higher education, fail to take care of themselves. It’s not expected of them to do so. Modern citizens ought to be thankful that the government steps in to decide what’s the best for them.

Modern society warns of the angry citizen but forgets to realize that citizens may be angry because they are not being treated as adults. Some citizens haven’t been able to become adults, which is what socialism wants: turn people in the sheeple. It is the citizen who is born to serve the government with taxes the way sheep provides wool to the farmer. We are being farmed.

Through taxation, citizens are expected to donate their productivity to the owners of our society. Taxation also serves to punish competence. To stay in power, the leaders of the herd must have a means to beat down successful people. They threaten the status quo.

The Managed Society

The Sami show us how life might have been without an overbearing government. All people are born with competence and resilience. In order to become sheep, we have to unlearn the self-reliance we were born with. That’s the purpose of education, to make teach you. Your new masters reward obedience with luxury goods—the tell-tale sign of a materialistic conspiracy.

Born into civilized society, people quickly adjust. Old ways are forgotten, new ways are passed on from parents to their children. Modern parents have taken after Father State. They have begun to treat their children as mini-citizens. Parents have become politician and police-officer, charged with ‘managing’ their children.

They forget to raise them as competent, self-reliant and responsible human beings. All people who deviate from the societal dogma’s are branded willfully disobedient. They deserve punishment and jail.

Know Nothings

Modern civilization has bred a generation of know-nothings. Politicians teach people that they cannot take care of themselves. So, they assure themselves and their owners of the people’s dependency on their divine redistributive powers.  It’s what made socialism big. In our society, the less you know how to do yourself, the more you’ll come to rely on government hand-outs.

The same modernity that made our lives easy also robbed us of the most basic right to an independent and free life. Despite his wealth, modern man is unfree. The economic progress that politicians promised us has enslaved us.

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