America’s Globalist Class is Leading the Destruction of the West

Until recently, I had never really understood the liberal/progressive narrative demanding the West to become more ‘diverse’. But when riots broke out in Los Angeles and New York in protest of Trump’s election, the missing insight presented itself. And it’s a deeply worrisome one.

Those rioting crowds of anti-Trump protesters namely consist of highly diverse university students. In their classrooms, American whites account for slightly under 25% of the demographic. According to UC Berkely 2015 enrollment statistics, East Asians — e.g. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. — together represent over 40% of all students.

But the United States as a whole only has Asian Americans at around 6% of the total population. Why do Asians overrepresent student demographics nearly eightfold at universities such as Berkeley? Conversely, African Americans makeup about 14% of the total US population but still don’t manage to fill 3% of classrooms at Berkeley — over four times fewer than expected.

Isn’t that odd. How come Berkeley, arguably the most diverse university in the world, manages to attract that many East Asians, while apparently still discriminating against blacks? More importantly, despite that American whites populate about 70% of the United States, whites are being underrepresented at Berkeley by a factor of three. Isn’t that racism?

One instantly notices that Berkeley’s population is a highly artificial one. It is in no way connected to the reality Americans live in. But what the Berkeley population does align with more closely is that of the world as a whole. In other words, Berkeley university has ceased to be American and has become a truly globalist institution.

That also means Berkeley no longer serves the American people. At Berkeley’s campuses, young minds are trained to think, act, behave and live in their mock global demographic. Students graduating from such institutions have become globalists by training. As a consequence, America’s future governing classes will no longer be able to relate to average Americans.

We should expect that in the near future American industry, politics, media, military, science and other branches of society will be lead by a caste of trained globalists, consisting of a non-white majority, dominated and led by East Asians, supplemented with Hispanics/Latinos and others.

American whites will themselves only occupy about a quarter of the nation’s top tiers, despite still being a demographic majority. That’s why the educated classes who have come to populate the editorial offices of major news organizations could not see Trump coming. They cannot relate to white Christian voters—because they don’t know any.

American leadership has actively denounced white Christian America. Instead, it has congratulated itself for being part of a fantasy Ivy League world, drowned in artificial, sophist hyper-diversity. But those who surrender or outsource their own leadership to others who cannot relate to them also surrender their continued existence.

If white Christian Americans want to survive, they will have to get organized. They will have to take back leading positions in the nation their European ancestors built. They will have to take charge of their destiny.

When it comes down to securing a future for Americans of European descent, it’s either victory or death. And it has come to that.

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