What Drives People to Jihad?

A Culture That Hates Women and Children

In recent years, some Muslims living in the West have revealed themselves to be the most derailed suicide terrorists, devil-worshiping executioners and bloodthirsty headhunters. Of course I’m not talking about real Muslims, so this essay has nothing to do with Islam either.

But according to the creed of political correctness, such false Muslims apparently don’t radicalize as a consequence of the hate they brought with them from the desert, but as a result of ‘discrimination’. The fact that such pretend-Muslims mostly happen to kill each other, and that they mostly do so in Middle-Eastern countries, has yet to cure a single progressive leftist of his self-contempt.

The Clash of Civilizations

Muslim immigrants that raise their offspring in the West, quickly acquaint themselves with Western standards of living, advanced technology, high culture and welfare. It confronts their Islamic nihilism with an intense sense of feeling and emotional depth that Islam denies them at home.

It’s the kind of clash of civilizations that brings about the worst in even the best Muslim scholars when they have to admit that even small Western nations such as Belgium have produced more globally recognized literature in the past decade than the entire Arab world has done in 1400 years. Too many Muslims have grown up in households with only one phone book and one popular storybook, both of which they haven’t read. Subsequently, the clash with Western culture could not have been bigger.

What Drives (False) Muslims to Jihad?

Despite the chasm between Western civilization and Islamic barbarism, the self-hating Western elites deny that it is precisely the cultural poverty of the Islamic world that pushes its subjugates towards despair. From Washington to the neighborhood social justice warrior, one perpetuates the lie that ‘discrimination’ radicalizes false Muslims to the point of becoming murderous monsters.

After all, it makes perfect sense that immigrants who can’t get a job in the West begin to burn children alive, simply because those children’s parents are Christians, right? No, in that case we must first ask ourselves why migrants would want to come to “the hell that is the United States” if, supposedly, discrimination could turn such ‘innocent’ people into mass murderers. If that were really the case, it argues for a complete immigration stop until we’ve understood the underlying psychological processes.

Of course, that’s just bullshit. Yet it is exactly what an average progressive leftist believes. Not Islam, not Arab culture—as empty as the desert that produced it—but the super tolerant, equal opportunity West supposedly radicalizes Muslims. At the same time, Islam itself could never lie at the heart of the matter. Or could it?

A Religion that Hates Women and Children

The truth lies right in front of us. Not Islamophobia, but Islam’s own hate is what radicalizes some Muslims (not the real ones, of course). Muslims are victims of their own oppressive culture posing as a religion of peace. Among others, Islam not only submits its boys to circumcision, but does so in a manner deliberately designed to mutilate boys’ genitals. As a result, Muslim boys learn to develop a sexually motivated hatred and inclination for violence. Religion plays the lead in those mutilations: “We’ve been doing this since we were kids. I started when I was 3. It doesn’t hurt because the cry of pain goes away with the faith,” Mahmoud from Lebanon claims.[1]

The fact that Arab culture has fallen behind with the rest of the world is evident from wholly non-ironic debates in Arab newspapers, questioning whether children ought to attend beheadings or not. Dr. Eid Bin Abdullah Al-Shammari of the Saudi Sharia council believes, “[Such] exposure would be beneficial.”[2]

ISIS executioners take this advise to heart. Their killings now surpass those of the Third Reich. Not even Nazis bathed themselves in public orgies of blood and body parts, such as ISIS’s killers provide for on a daily basis. The purpose of public beheadings, crucifixions and burning people alive is to scar even the most youthful witnesses for life:

“For example, consider how a small boy feels when his mother or sister is denigrated, beaten, or in the worst case, slain in an “honor killing” by his own family. Would cultural conditioning resolve whatever primal rage such acts might provoke, or does that rage only get suppressed? To what extent might murder in the name of Islam be a displacement of long-denied anger over incidents like this?”[3]

Humiliated Mothers

Islamic hatred of women begins at an early age: “When a boy is born, the family rejoices; when a girl is born, the whole family mourns.”[4] According to psychoanalyst Lloyd DeMause, the cause of Islamic terrorism doesn’t lie in failing Western politics, but in extremely violent child abuse by a Muslim terrorist’s family:

“Families that produce the most terrorists are the most violently misogynist; in Afghanistan, for instance, girls cannot attend schools and women who try to hold jobs or who seem to “walk with pride” are shot.”[5]

Is it a surprise that such humiliated women take out their misery on their own children, especially their boys? Why else would a twenty-year-old Muslim man behead his own mother? ”[From] a psychological and anthropological point of view, what kind of culture produces human bombs, glorifies mass murderers, and supports humiliation-based revenge?”[6]

The Trojan Horse—the Meccan Camel?

Everything points to Islam harboring a culture that hates women and children, even life itself. Precisely this culture is the one progressive elites aim to spread throughout Europe and America. The Arab Trojan Horse—the Meccan Camel—brings us nothing but an irreversible destruction of our civilization, or what’s left of it.

Westerners, Americans, Europeans, and others, those who still believe in preserving a future for the West, shouldn’t allow themselves to be accused of discrimination any longer. It’s time to fight back. Those naive fools who accuse us of discrimination are plain cowards. They hope to die before the end of days, because they’re too cowardly to fight for their own freedom.

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