Trump the Redeemer?

The Last Man Standing Between American Democracy and a Clinton Dictatorship

Why would those in power willingly surrender to democratic elections? Why would ruling elites submit themselves to the will of the people? The answer is they don’t. For the sake of military and economic continuity — and for their own sake — elites simply cannot afford to let its people rule itself democratically.

In their view, a democratic people’s uninformed choices might plunge the nation into overnight catastrophe. At the same time, a popular revolt within one’s own borders would invite one’s enemies to take advantage. Therefore, what we call democracy serves to subdue the people while providing a smokescreen for powerful elites to hide their doings behind.

Ruling elites can be mistaken. While it is true that a more informed elite — the corporate nobility and the financial royalty of our time — often does know what’s best for the country, they are not perfect. On occasion, ruling elites blinded by personal interest make their own catastrophic mistakes. And when they do, they plunge their peoples into the abyss.

American elites have begun to look down on the very people who through taxation and productive labor have generated most of their wealth: the (white) middle class. In fact, earlier this year, a prominent ‘conservative’ National Review magazine proclaimed white workers to be “morally indefensible” and deserving “to die”. The middle class is very aware of the fact that it is being discarded.

Ever since enacting the Kennedy Act in the late sixties, waves of immigration have changed the face of America’s future. With one in five U.S. residents now speaking a foreign language at home and with white family sizes rapidly shrinking in comparison to those of immigrants and minorities, the white middle class is dying but its ruling elites have decided not to do anything about it.

So, now the time comes for the oppressed middle class to rise up and claim its rightful dues. Trump, a practical man of action, lends them his voice. He is their Redeemer, the one who forgives them for past sins of slavery, racism, and war. He is the one who will guide his people to greener pastures where the American Dream becomes attainable once again.

Donald Trump is the third-party candidate who successfully hijacked the GOP to support his bid. That alone shows his historical genius. It is no surprise, then, that corporate controlled media have so viciously stepped in to warn the people of the dangers of ‘populism’. Trump is Hitler, say the overpaid pundits, and Hillary Clinton is poor little Anne Frank — only a racist wouldn’t want to vote for her!

Meanwhile, the evidence is mounting that the powers that be are more than willing to appoint their successors, undemocratically. As Wikileaks proves, Hillary’s campaign-CEO John Podesta sent a memorandum on staffing decisions to Senator Barack Obama on October 29th, 2008 — six days before the election — adding,

“Normally these decisions could be made after the election, and ideally after the selection of a National Economic Advisor, but, of course, these are not normal times.”

It reveals that Barack Obama knew he was going to be President six days before the American people had cast their votes. If that’s not rigging an election then what is? It’s not just an American problem, though. Everywhere in the West, democracy is in a deplorable state. Blind-sided elites have embraced selfishness at the expense of their peoples. Western democracy has become a ceremony for advertisers’ sake.

To save it, we must act. Coming election day, November 8th, the American people have one chance to rise up and overthrow their elites. If they choose not to, they better practice chanting “Hail Hillary!” at the Empress’s inauguration.

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