A Civilization Run by Slaves

Warning the West of Its Hypocrisy

At the height of the Roman empire, nearly 40% of Italy’s population consisted of slaves. Slaves represented almost 15% of the entire empire. But as the increasing cost of warfare against ever more enemies on either side of its borders rapidly depleted its reserves, Rome’s slave-run civilization eventually collapsed, because it could no longer afford to feed them.

Today, modern Western civilization takes pride in having abolished slavery, yet it increasingly relies on low-cost laborers imported from elsewhere. We, too, have become a civilization dependent on immigrant slave labor. Despite the fact that we abolished the physical chains that limit a man’s movements, the social conditions that make a man a slave have worsened.

In the West, the distinction between citizen and slave is very real, albeit that we have invented a vocabulary of soft-sounding words to hide that bitter reality from both our consciousness and our conscience. For example, both in Europe and in the United States we’ve reached consensus to call certain people “illegal aliens”, “undocumented immigrants”, “asylum seekers”, “guest workers” or even (economic) “refugees”.

All such derogatory labels point to someone’s lesser social status. Yet, without them, our failing economies could not survive. In general, we employ immigrants to do the most mind-numbing, low-skilled and poorly paid work we can no longer afford to do ourselves.

In fact, the oft false promise of citizenship and equal rights dangling before their eyes like a carrot on a stick is precisely what persuades immigrants to put up with their condition. All Western power thus rests on a mastery of the art of human exploitation.

To an outsider, though, ours could easily be mistaken for the most slave-run civilization in the history of all mankind. A Roman soldier wandering the busy streets of New York today would easily recognize a legal hierarchy based on race and ethnicity. We only differ from Romans in that we’ve invented elaborate newspeak to manipulate the plebs into disregarding what their eyes can see.

There’s just one problem. Like Rome, our globalized economy will inevitably hit a limit to growth. When that happens, our civilization will no longer be able to award immigrants their “equal rights”. The (already inflated) value of citizenship will quickly deflate. Angry immigrant mobs — soon a majority in most Western cities — will have no choice but to take to the streets demanding their rightful due.

If we cannot see our reality, because treacherous words of our own invention have hidden it from view, then we cannot act upon it either. I am convinced that the real reason civilizations fail is that of their inability, or unwillingness, to see the truth. And that truth is: once the immigrant classes have achieved a critical mass, they can and will turn their backs on us.

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