Globalized Brain Drain

By Centralizing Human Capital in the Hands of Globalists, Mass Migration Contributes to Worldwide Inequality

We all worry about our financial inequality relative to our peers, but do we understand its causes? Since the Second World War, modern mass migration has relocated millions of skilled individuals. But migration does not necessarily distribute skilled people evenly across the globe. In fact, it achieves the opposite. By centralizing both the world’s most educable minds and its lowest cost laborers into the hands of Western globalists, multinational corporations have greatly benefited from globalism. At the same time, globalism has eroded the world’s middle classes, directly contributing to worldwide inequality. To reverse it, middle classes have to step up and reclaim their economic freedoms.

Brain Drain

Not only has globalism centralized ever more financial capital in the hands of ever fewer people, it has also drained the non-Western world of its most talented people. For decades, talented students, skilled workers and those looking for a ‘better life’ have often migrated from the Third World to the West, mostly to America and Western Europe. As a result, the division of global talent has become more unequal than ever before. The Third World that had always been an economic backwater has lost any and all means to do something about it. Globalism has condemned a large part of the world to eternal dependence on Western aid—colonialism by proxy.

Europe and America, on the other hand, have been able to pick and choose, selectively exploiting the global supply of brain and muscle. In exchange for the promise of a mythical better life, workers and students have sold themselves and their home nation’s future into serfdom. Chinese elites study at Harvard, not Beijing. Indian technologists work for Silicon Valley, not Mumbai. Top scientists work in Germany and France, not Africa. The global brain drain has divided the world into a small but prosperous West, and a large but poor East. Mass migration has thus caused a practically irreversible state of global inequality.

Declining Nation States

Since financial capital crosses borders more easily than people can in order to escape a home nation’s tax regime, national citizens increasingly carry the burden of corporate tax evasion. Globalism has disconnected multinational firms from the economic restrictions imposed on them by nation states. If nations wish to attract businesses and keep jobs within their borders, national governments must appease corporate money men. If nations would hit multinational corporations with tough tax laws, most corporations would simply move its local branch elsewhere. Multinationals have the economic power to settle for the least ‘oppressive’ tax regime available to them.

Struggling to tax international capital, national governments have had to cut back on investments in national infrastructure, social security or healthcare. Because of this, national governments have increasingly come to rely on a growing class of immigrants to do the jobs its middle classes can no longer afford to do. It may be called privatization, but it’s really a race to the bottom. It isn’t a problem of lazy white people either, but rather a problem of jobs that no longer earn enough pay to afford middle-class citizens a mortgage and their children’s advanced education. It has become too expensive to be middle class. Large numbers of Western citizens increasingly struggle and fail to compete with immigrants, fueling the rise of populism.

Globalized Communism

Continuing along globalism’s path, eroding the world’s middle classes both in the West (by undercutting it) and elsewhere (by migrating it away), the world is headed for globalized communism. That’s what politicians really mean when they speak of a New World Order. The new order divides people roughly into three social castes: a globalist owner caste, an educated managerial caste, and a bottom-feeding caste consisting of migrants and serfs. Members of the owner caste fully control the global economy and can establish birth-right dynasties to separate themselves from the peasants. Since a healthy middle class would be its biggest threat to its power, the globalist caste has an incentive in destroying it further, leaving nothing but a planetary lower class.

Dreams of democracy may soon be all that remains of the middle class’s ideals. Instead, the declining nation states will be forced to dissolve into a borderless gray mass, giving way to a world government ruled by a handful of extremely powerful families. Modern mass migration has directly contributed to the creation of this steep economic hierarchy. Mass migration from sources to sinks of human capital has moved skilled and intelligent people from East to West and from South to North. Rather than being a solution to inequality, mass migration has thus caused the very global inequality globalists say they aim to cure.

Empowering the Middle Class

To avert this nightmare, and to reverse the global trend of economic centralization, the world’s middle classes have few options left. Ultimately, they may have to revolt against the owner caste and claim their rightful dues. If successful, a revolt of the middle classes would shift the balance of power back into their hands. However, in absence of such a revolution, middle-class citizens may still be able to take back their lives one step at a time. By consciously spending less of their hard-earned cash on consumerist items they don’t really need, they could convert their cold cash into more meaningful experiences and a revival of tradition.

In conclusion, wherever migration from sources of human capital to human sinks leads to inequality, mass migration leads to mass inequality. The globalism that drives mass migration pushes wealth up and people down. To solve this, middle classes must turn their backs on multinational corporations, by either refusing to work for them or by refusing to buy from them. The creative and productive output of our brains and muscles belongs to ourselves, not to our self-appointed globalist shepherds.

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