White Decline

Benefit or Danger?

“By 2050, only 5 percent of the world will be European.”

Russel Shorto

When mass immigration makes a society more ethnically diverse, the narratives that maintain social order shift from traditional ones to abstract ones. Blood and soil make place for equality and diversity. But when a people becomes too diverse, e.g. when the dominant culture becomes a minority culture, the inevitable realization takes root that one is no longer one people, but many.

We can observe the collapse of social order in real-time in the present-day United States. Demographics play a leading role. In 1965, non-Hispanic whites represented over 80% of the total population. Down to about 65%, Pew Research projects white Americans will become a minority by 2040.[1] By that time, newborn children of white parents will represent less than 25% of all births. Since 2015, non-white births already outnumbered white births.[2]

Decline and Demographics

The decline of whites in the United States has two key causes. First of all, a rapidly aging white demographic is failing to reproduce its replacement generation. Unwilling to let go of wealthy lifestyles and invest money into having more children, American whites have been forced to cut family sizes down to an average of one to two children per woman.

Secondly, a mostly Hispanic and Asian low-wage immigrant population is having a baby-boom. Concerning the African American population, researchers project it will remain relatively constant at around 13% of the population, though still growing in absolute numbers.[3] Researchers believe the immigration made possible since the 1965 Kennedy Immigration Act will bring in nearly 60 million mostly non-white immigrants (excluding offspring) by 2065.

These demographic changes have divided the United States into two distinct peoples, namely a rural Middle America populated by whites who helped vote Republican President Donald Trump into office—dismissively known as ”flyover country”—and a hyper-diverse urban rabble that houses much of the U.S. industry’s slave labor force—known as “coastal America” and home to Democrat voter bases.

Although much of the United States is still white-owned, rapid white decline implies that this former British colony, too, must one day follow in the footsteps of other former colonies such as Suriname, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe),[4] and South Africa.  These former colonies were once ruled by whites, but their falling numbers toppled the balance of power in favor of (indigenous) non-white majorities. However, Australia, Canada, the United States, and even Europa herself may be facing a similar fate if whites fail to respond to the ‘black wave’ with more babies.

For example, in South Africa, according to the 1904 census,  whites represented about 22% of the total population, namely 1.1 million individuals.[5] In 1960, whites had grown to 3 million individuals but constituted a relative 19% of the total population as the non-white population began to explode.[6] By 2011, whites had grown to around 4.6 million, but now represented less than 9% of the total.[7] In 2016, the non-white population hit a staggering 50 million individuals, with whites further declining to 8% of the total population.

Reduced to 4.5 million, South African whites have begun to decline in absolute numbers for the first time in history.[8] The above figures exclude about 3 million illegal immigrants left unaccounted for.

Disempowerment through Dispossession

Foreseeing white decline, it is feasible that a future majority of non-white Americans may overthrow white dominance in a civil war. Mimicking the abolition of South Africa’s Apartheid regime, non-white Americans may demand their own non-white government. America’s revolutionaries may argue that, since institutionalized racism had historically disadvantaged them, they have the right to disown whites of their lands and properties.

Once non-whites have established themselves as the dominant political power in America, they may aggressively pursue white dispossession. This has happened in Suriname,[9] it has happened in Zimbabwe, it is presently happening in South Africa,[10] and it is eventually going to happen to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and even to the mother continent Europe. The economically successful whites are failing to win the reproductive game.

Indeed, white decline is a global phenomenon. For decades,  Europe’s aging white demographic has been dropping in absolute numbers. By 2050, Pew Research expects Christian  Europeans to decline from 550 million down to 450 million.[11] At the same time, the European Union believes it should actively import tens of millions of non-European immigrants to replace its aging workforce,

“The cumulative effect of net migration assumed under the EUROPOP2008 convergence scenario is to increase the EU’s population by 56 million by 2061.”[12]

People of European descent are set to become a fringe minority. In case of Europe alone, Russel Shorto reasoned,

“Around the time that President Kennedy went to Germany and gave his Ich bin ein Berliner speech, Europe represented 12.5 percent of the world’s population. Today it is 7.2 percent, and if current trends continue, by 2050 only 5 percent of the world will be European.”[13]

Zimbabwe’s White Farmers

By 2050, only 5 percent of the world will be European. By that time, white Americans will only be 2% of the world. Indeed, being white will be a privilege. In such a scenario, white people are unlikely to maintain their wealth and power. Instead, whites shall play the role of an economically successful though a politically powerless rural minority.

White dispossession is real. Once dictator Robert Mugabe had usurped Zimbabwe’s rule, his all-black government began brutally torturing and killing whites and their families in order to seize their property and scare them out of the country.[14] Faced with such violence by an overwhelming anti-white mob, Western civilization may be flushed out and replaced by the triple-A doctrines of African superstition, Arab traditionalism, and Asian collectivism.

Notably, as an unintended side-effect of Mugabe’s “well-planned” policy to drive out white farmers, a quarter of the Zimbabwean population, and counting, now faces mass starvation.[15] Millions of Zimbabweans have already migrated to South Africa illegally, happily consuming the food South Africa’s white farmers still produce there… What happened to Zimbabwe is also happening in South Africa. Since the fall of Apartheid in 1994, South Africa has become a net importer of food in order to feed its ballooning black population.[16]

Disowning white farmers has led to a collapse in the local food production chain. The resulting hunger sets off a mass migration from places with low to places with high agricultural activity. With Europe being a most productive agricultural region, Europeans risk being overrun by hundreds of millions of hungry Africans, Arabs, Indians, and Asians, once their failing home-societies force them to make a run for the European continent.

Facing the Facts

It is time people of European descent face these facts. We are economically successful but only because we keep our family sizes small and subsequent inheritances large. Our numbers are in decline everywhere in the world, both relatively speaking and in absolute numbers. Before the end of this century, we risk becoming a global fringe minority. Replacement immigration is real and eating away at the societies we have built.

But world overpopulation and its environmental footprint are not our faults. They are rather the fault of non-white masses whose numbers keep rising exponentially. The hungry Third World hordes may soon choose to invade our lands in search of food, wealth, and living space—at our expense.

Before the end of this century, people of European descent face the real possibility of their near extinction, namely through a combination of aging demographics and mass immigration, followed by potential mass rape and genocide at the hands of our new masters.

The most worrying observation? Western upper classes seem only interested in their own survival and are perfectly willing to sacrifice the plebs as a human shield. That means us commoners are on our own. We have no choice but to prepare for total war, both against our enemies and against the traitors among us.

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