The Collectivization of North America

Why European Culture that Founded American Civilization is Rapidly Losing Ground to Collectivism

Canada’s Maclean’s magazine recently increased its prices for men. Men ought to pay 26% more for the same magazine. It’s supposed to be a clever social commentary, but what exactly is the commentary? Must men die in all wars and pay for everything, too?

Something else is going on here. After the Second World War, feminism was supposed to make women financially independent, liberating women from their evil, patriarchal husbands (who forced young women into marrying them, obviously), but it turns out most women can’t compete in a fair economic competition against men.

That’s the sort of problem social engineers love to solve. To keep themselves employed, they recommend the State to step in and enforce equality of outcomes. Next, the U.S. government may begin redistributing men’s incomes to women — enslaving both.

How did we go from “husbands should take their wives out to dinner” in the 1950s to “independent women can pay for their own meals” in the 1990s to “it’s sexist if a man doesn’t pay 26% more for the same dish to compensate for women’s lower earnings”?

Well, that was always the plan! Feminism never meant to make women financially independent, but rather meant to deconstruct traditional marriage by pitting women against men, by breeding resentment between the sexes.

By comparison, back in those dreaded, single-income 1950s, married women spent over three-quarters of their husband’s income. Women were in charge of household expenses. They were more powerful than today’s liberated, unmarried women, who are struggling to make enough money to feed the child their Tinder date left behind.

No wonder, then, that women welcome Father State to take on the role of husband. Woman’s psychology hasn’t changed, her society has. Fewer women marry than ever before, but as a consequence, more women prostitute themselves than ever before, and more women work in porn than ever before.

The purpose is to create a global society in which women sleep with everyone, but are married only to the State.

The strong marriage tie long formed a bulwark against collectivism, but thanks to crypto-communist feminist ideology, American women are on the verge of submitting both themselves and their reproductive function to government planning. That is what progressives call “progress”, namely the gradual transformation of an individualist society into a communist one.

After the deconstruction of marriage came the deconstruction of race, culture, ‘whiteness’, the nation, sex and gender, “euro-centric” science and Western civilization itself.

There’s a very simple explanation for the speed at which European culture began to disintegrate in North America. The Kennedy Immigration Act that brought over 60 million non-Europeans and their offspring to the United States since the 1960s simultaneously brought in an equal number of state-dependent citizens.

It just turns out societies are the product of a people’s dreams and desires, and the immigrant Dreamers are dreaming of socialism. If Americans of European descent want to defend their civilization, they will have to convince millennial women to embrace traditional marriage again.

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