Ending the Gender Holocaust

The Attack on Birth Sex is a Crime Against Humanity

May disappointed parents play ‘Hitler’ and brainwash children to adopt a different gender?

The Western world has chosen to normalize gender dysphoria. A previously rare condition now springs up in nearly every kindergarten. No one asks why. Government-appointed activists posing as therapists claim they can tell when a 2-year-old boy wants to be a girl. Risking ostracization for being too conservative, parents try to raise their children gender ‘neutrally’. Western societies are breeding a neutered generation that will no longer reproduce.

The gender movement—led by the usual rabble of progressive liberals, social democrats, Marxist-feminists, and whatnots—wants to legitimize the right of parents to change their child’s sex. It robs children of their particular identity. The particularism of a birth sex threatens the worldview of a class of universalists so much that they’re willing to justify a war on children.

The universalist standpoint is particularly racial. The madwomen want to deconstruct especially white boys and prevent them from having families in adulthood. When a society allows parents to brainwash their children into taking sex-blocking chemicals, we are speaking of chemical oppression. Men are facing a hybrid war fueled by non-stop media attacks.

The death of the West is the real goal. In the face of economic and demographic changes, it has become evident that the West has chosen the path of collective suicide. But the suicide is not voluntary! The anti-white movement’s infiltration of Western media and politics has made it so.

Like the mother who suffocates her child, Western leaders work to suffocate a generation of boys and prevent the next from being born. If we want to undo this progressive sickness, Western peoples must rise up against their manipulators down in Washington and Brussels. We must end the gender Holocaust.

David/Brenda: Boy or Girl?

“For as photographs from this period reveal, [David], for all her attempts to drag a smile onto her face, had the wounded eyes of a shamed and hunted animal.”[1]

David Reimer and his twin brother were born in Canada on August 22nd, 1965. When David was a seven-month-old baby, a medical doctor burnt off his penis during a failed circumcision. Dr. John Money, a progress-liberal psychologist, seized the ‘opportunity’ to experiment on the twins, David and his brother Brian.

The doctor pressured the parents to raise David as a girl instead. Astonishingly, both parents complied. They would raise David as a girl, calling her Brenda. Even more astonishingly, David/Brenda’s parents kept this secret from him for fourteen years. They dressed David up as a girl and forced him to play with girl’s toys.

The abuse didn’t end there. Dr. Money wanted to prove that one’s gender is learned, not innate. Two months before David’s second birthday, the doctor convinced David/Brenda’s parents to have his testicles surgically removed. Surgeons gave him a provisory vagina—a hole between his legs that looked nothing like the real thing.

Making sure David/Brenda would be conditioned into being a girl, Dr. Money had David and his twin brother spend sessions in his office. There, the doctor ordered the underage kids to perform sexual acts on each other. Brian would play the male and David/Brenda the female. They were ordered to practice missionary and doggy-style positions. Sometimes, a handful of colleagues attended.

The sexual roleplay was supposed to brainwash David/Brenda into believing he really was a girl. As a teenager, doctors injected David with the female estrogen hormone. He developed breasts. Still, he never became a woman. Despite a life of psychological abuse, David/Brenda would later testify that he had never felt like a woman.

One cannot imagine a greater crime committed against a child. Everything goes in the name of ‘progress’.

Killing Children, Slowly

It had been David’s parents who had sent him to Dr. Money. They would insist that David obey the doctor’s every command. At age 13, the doctor proposed David/Brenda have another surgery, one to widen the hole between his legs so he could have intercourse. This is when David threatened his parents to commit suicide. He still didn’t know that he had been born as a boy.

One year later, at age 14, his father finally admitted to the conspiracy he and his wife had kept from their son. During the next seven years, David demanded reconstructive surgery. He wanted to be what he had always been—a man.

Things didn’t work out. In 2002, David’s twin brother Brian killed himself with an overdose of antidepressants. Two years after his death, David ended his own life, at age 38, by blasting shotgun hail through his head.

The story of David/Brenda is the true face of today’s gender movement. Rather than learn from the mistake, the gender movement became more aggressive. Rather than accept that gender is determined at birth, the movement began waging war on the truth.

For fourteen years, the sort of people who run Western societies today attempted to program David into being a girl. For thirty years, well after David’s suicide, the psychological industry kept referring to his case as a “success”. This deliberate denial has led thousands more boys and girls down the path to the gender-Auschwitz.

When a journalist of Rolling Stone interviewed David Reimer before his death, he stated that,

“What they did to you in the body is sometimes not near as bad as what they did to you in the mind – with the psychological warfare in your head.”[2]

Society condoned what was done to David but his parents were equally guilty. His mother admitted she thought she could train her boy into being a girl,

“It was a pretty, lacy little dress,” Linda recalls. “[David] was ripping at it, trying to tear it off. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, my God, she knows she’s a boy and she doesn’t want girls’ clothing. She doesn’t want to be a girl.’ But then I thought, ‘Well, maybe I can teach her to want to be a girl. Maybe I can train her so that she wants to be a girl.’”[3]

Apparently, you cannot teach children to be something other than they really are. Not without inflicting serious psychological damage, that is. David later testified how hard it was to fight his parents,

“I remember saying, ‘Oh, can I shave, too?’” [He] says of this incident, which forms his earliest childhood memory. “My dad said, ‘No, no. You go with your mother.’ I started crying, ‘Why can’t I shave, too?’” [Brian] says that the incident was typical of the way their parents tried to steer them into opposite sexes – and how such efforts were, inevitably, doomed to failure.”[4]

Of course, society took notice. At the first day of kindergarten, not even the teacher accepted that David was a girl.

Gender and Personality Disorders

So, what sort of decent, good-thinking person would dare deny that the psychological warfare waged on David and his brother Brian is what drove them to suicide? Who would dare maintain that children can be born gay, trans, neutral, or Tinkerbell?

The truth is that sex is determined at birth. In fact, sex is determined at conception when the male sperm that carries either an X or Y chromosome melts with the female egg that hosts an X. Not birth sex, but rather homosexuality, transgenderism, and other disorders are learned behaviors,

“A very important determining influence in the development of homosexuality is the child’s awareness that his sex was a disappointment to his parent, especially if their disappointment leads them to treat the child as if he were of the opposite sex.”[5]

Parents disappointed with their child’s sex cause the child to suffer feelings of psychological invisibility. Knowing that its sex was the ‘wrong’ one to make mommy or daddy happy, the child will do whatever it takes to win its parents’ love. Under pressure from disappointed parents, the child will behave as though it was the opposite sex.

According to psychiatrist Paul McHugh, such gender-confused children suffer a personality disorder. They were not born with a disorder. The disorder is the child’s response to a society that disapproves of its sex. In some cases, such as in David/Brenda’s case, parents even help brainwash their children into having a sex change operation.

The progressive attack on children doesn’t stop there. In the states of Carolina, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, lawmakers have enacted laws that forbid psychiatrists to treat gender-confused children. Instead, they must refer them to gender surgery. Under these laws, even parents who are trying to help their children risk being sued by the state.

There’s no reason to offer a child gender therapy. Research shows that 80% of children who are left alone heal their confusion before age 10.[6] Among people who did receive sex-change operations, none have become happier. The Swedish Karolinska Institute discovered that patients who had surgery had a twenty times higher chance of committing suicide.[7]

No wonder! You didn’t really expect you could amputate your genitals and become ‘better’, did you? Besides, a sex change doesn’t change your sex, it just mutilates your body.

I come to the conclusion that the progressive attack on a child’s birth sex is a crime against humanity.

[1]John Colapinto, “The True Story of John/Joan”, The Rolling Stone, 11 december 1997, 54–97.





[6]Paul McHugh, “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution”, Wall Street Journal, 13 mei 2016, sec. Opinion, http://www.wsj.com/articles/paul-mchugh-transgender-surgery-isnt-the-solution-1402615120.

[7]Cecilia Dhejne e.a., “Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden”, PLOS ONE 6, nr. 2 (22 februari 2011): e16885, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016885.

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