Celebrate the European Spring!

It’s Time to Choose What We Stand For

As a teenager, I was a socialist, but in adulthood I turned out to be a reactionary. What went wrong? Well, I’ve grown tired of standing by as waves of millions of immigrants crash into Europe’s shores every year for over half a century. The politics of our replacement have made all other politics obsolete. There’s no point in debating policy when there’s no place left to govern. Europe has gone to hell.

Regardless, a progressive movement wants to make us believe we should just go back to sleep and stop worrying about our future. We should have confidence in the rule of law, they say. And besides, thanks to immigrants, we’ve never had it so good.

Trust the Rule of Law

Now, I trust our rule of law, but I’m not convinced that trust alone serves as a foundation for a carefree future. Blinded by its own expansionism, the European Union has allowed itself to be blackmailed into negotiations with countries like Turkey and Ukraine, dictatorships in a state of civil war. Instead of protecting its citizens, the EU has become a danger to peace.

With its open door politics, the same EU has auctioned off the values of our shared civilization to the lowest common denominator. The newcomers don’t assimilate. They’ve made living in our tolerant societies practically intolerable. In countries like Italy, France, Germany or the Netherlands, thousands of men aged over thirty are living legally married to under-aged children, child brides, because our progressive laws demand us to ignore morality, while blaming us for our ignorance. Out of fear of persecution for the crime of offending someone, we’ve chosen to close our eyes to crime, rather than our borders to criminals.

For years now, Europe’s shrinking economies have forced retailers to close shop, turning our once pleasant inner cities into ghost towns. It won’t be long before, on a daily basis, more people will lose their job than the number of ‘refugees’ pouring into our countries. Concerning those refugees, I wonder if those who demand our help today are going to be willing to fight for our freedom tomorrow. Or will they, in case of economic stagnation, just as easily abandon their wives and children, fleeing to the next safe heaven willing to provide them with a free life?

A Tough Choice

The people of the Netherlands did not flee from the flood of 1953. They stayed, raised their dikes and rebuilt their country. The Hungarians suffered decades of Ottoman and Soviet occupation. But they, too, stayed. The Bulgarians survived five centuries under the Ottoman joke, but they did not flee. Despite two world wars, fleeing to another country was a luxury most people simply could not afford. If we want to pass on to the next generations the freedom our grandparents had the privilege of fighting for, we will have to follow in their footsteps and fight for the future of our grandchildren.

More than opening our borders, we need to open our eyes. More than feigning tolerance, we need to make tough decisions. Today, we are facing such a tough decision. Europe is being flooded by an invasion of mostly single Arab, African and Asian men of fighting age posing as refugees. They are soldiers dressed in plain clothes, waiting for a sign from above to strike terror in our hearts. Among them, many silent terrorist cells are ready to blow themselves and innocent people to pieces.

We are at war with the most dangerous enemy humankind has ever faced since his long climb from the swamp to the stars. If we lose that war, along with the freedom our ancestors died for, historians will write with great astonishment that the people who had the most to lose did the least to defend it.

Choosing a Future

A few years before the outbreak of the Arab Spring, I spoke to a man from the Syrian capital of Damascus, a Muslim man whose marriage had been arranged for him by his parents at age thirty. With visible frustration, he confessed to me he first night with his wife had disappointed him, because in those countries, the dowry your parents can afford determines how good-looking your wife will be, and his parents were dirt poor. He told me that he had spent half his life dreaming of saving enough money to spend a two week holiday the free West. He was even willing work weekdays as a waiter in a friend’s restaurant, just so he could spend three weekends as a free man.

You see, the moral of this story is that this man still dreamed of the freedom we for so long have taken for granted. It is time for us to ask ourselves whether we too are planning to flee when hit by catastrophe, or whether we declare ourselves willing to defend everything our European forefathers have built up with their blood, sweat and tears. It is this point in history where we, Europeans, have arrived at: whether we still care to have a future here, whether we still know what we stand for, or whether we will turn our backs to the rule of law and accept that unelected bureaucrats living in their ivory towers in Brussels will forever determine what’s best for us?

Citizens and Bureaucrats

Those bureaucrats want you and I to believe our only option is to choose between left or right—turn left, towards eternal life in an asylum center, or turn right, back to the 1930s. But they lie. The choices available to us have nothing do with turning left or right, but with going backward or forward, with fleeing from barbarism or fighting for civilization. This isn’t about nationalism versus socialism, but about life and death. We choose life, we choose civilization, because we refuse to submit to a totalitarian ideology that despises everything our ancestors laid down their lives for ever since the foundation of Greek democracy.

Despite their best intentions, despite their philanthropic motives, it is the progressives who are running backwards out of fear of taking responsibility. Each election, we hear the same progressive rhetoric of the “tolerant multicultural society”. Supposedly, we aren’t tolerant enough. Our intolerance supposedly radicalizes newcomers, an logic happily adopted by terrorists bent on plowing trucks through our  shopping streets, killing hundreds of innocent people.

Progressives say the problems we face in our society aren’t caused by the lack of social skills among millions of primitive invaders, but of the unwillingness of privileged white people to assimilate themselves into immigrant cultures. Out of fear of being ostracized by the media, we let them bully us into silence. Moreover, we will have to accept that in the name of ‘progress’ our own governments will relinquish our rights to self-determination and hand it over to Brussels.

More European Union

We need “more EU”, they keep saying. That sounds innocent, but if you look closer to see what they really mean, you’ll notice we really have arrived in the 1930s. Over the next few years, chancellor Merkel is going to invite tens of millions of migrants from all over the world to come and live in Europe, but she adds that we “must accept that immigrants are going to be more criminal”. The mass sexual harassment as we call it, or taharrush as they call it, was no accident, but policy. If European women don’t willingly give birth to the children of immigrant men, mass rape will finish the job.

To stop people from finding out about the truth, Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, wants to censor the entire internet, admitting that the EU has already met with “Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft”. Unsurprisingly, these are all American companies, because Europeans have lost their voice long ago.

And finally, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker said about his strategy, “We decide something, and then we wait quietly, and see what happens. If no one responds, because most still do not understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.” No turning back. If anyone still doubts whether he meant what he said, go and have a chat with the residents who live close to the many asylum centers that have brought our children face to face with violent crime.

To tell you the truth, Juncker and his bureaucrats scare me. It’s scary to see how they look down on people and can still pretend to be human. Most of us would like to support an international club that serves our interests, but that club is not the European Union. Free men and women don’t submit their values to bureaucrats who’ve decided from their ivory towers to make indigenous Europeans slaves of the moral bankruptcy known as multiculturalism.

Will you surrender, or will you, as Juncker feared, finally revolt?

Freedom or Slavery

Who do we think we are to give up our ancestors’ century-long  struggles, and to trade this hard-fought inheritance of individual freedom and equal rights with the chains of collective slavery? Our ancestors have given us a loan so that we might live in peace, but the bankruptcy of the European Union signals that the day has come for us to repay that loan. Once again, we shall have to defend the freedom we take for granted.

Europeans can be inspired by a rich history of heroic examples. In the year 480 before Christ, King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans stopped the Persian hordes at the battle of the Hot Gates. That wasn’t just movie. In 1939, Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos uncovered a large number of bronze arrowheads near a small hill. They were not Greek, but Persian—the legend is true, the Spartans really did fight in the shade of a Persian onslaught.

The subsequent events had given birth to Greek democracy, and for the first time, to the recognition of human beings as individuals with rights. Freed from the joke of the masses, Europeans would embark on a journey through history to found the richest and most powerful civilization on Earth, the West.

In the year 732 after Christ, emperor of the Occident, Karl the Great, defeated the Islamic invasion of Europe at the Battle of Tours, right in the heart of present-day France. It would be one of many European victories over the Arab hordes. From the eleventh century, in order to secure the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem, European knights would wage crusades against robbers who attacked Christians pilgrims.

The shared experience of nine crusades united Western Europeans as one for the first time in their history. Several centuries later, a Christian coalition would again defend Europe against an Islamic invasion, this time against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. First, they fought at the Siege of Vienna in 1529, and then in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna.

The fact Europeans call themselves Christians today is because of the men who died defending the right to believe in Christ. If men living in Europe a thousands ago could set aside their differences, overcome their language barriers, respect each others tribes and nations, then what is keeping European men from forming a new coalition today? Together, we are invincible. For once, the French, the Germans, the Spanish, the Dutch, the British, the Italians, the Polish, the Greek, the Romanians, our Viking friends in the North, along with the rest of the European family, will be fighting side by side in defense of our civilization.

Transcending the Self

Despite the rivers of blood running through our history, Europeans emerged from the Dark Ages as victors. After many of our brother wars, European technology had proved to be the most advanced in the world. At one time, the great majority of all ships sailing the seven seas were built by Europeans. The colonial age arrived at our doorstep and we conquered the world.

Today, we rightly denounce the Atlantic slave trade and crimes committed against other peoples, but let us not dwell on the past for too long. Everywhere the European would plant the seeds of civilization, he would spread modern medicine, introduce a rule of law to end corruption and promote the education of the local population, so they, too, could see the light. Halfway the twentieth century, we came face to face with the worst in us. But we conquered our weaknesses and successfully defeated both totalitarian ideologies of communism and fascism.

Speaking of fascism, does anyone know what a fascist really is? Modern media have watered down the phrase to the point where it has become a meaningless word. But the founder of Italian Fascism, Benito Mussoloni, since he invented it, defined it as follows: “The citizen in a fascist state is no longer an individual with the right to revolt against the collective.” Thus, a fascist is someone who  gives up his personal freedoms in order to submit himself to a totalitarian ideology. That means by definition that we are not fascists, because we do revolt against the collectivism of the European Union.

Superior Values

In 2008, I paid a visit to the Great Wall of China, departing with a tour bus from Beijing. As the only Westerner among Chinese people, there was nobody I could talk to, except for a Chinese woman living in Hong Kong who could speak a few words of English. She told me about how slowly Chinese traditions change. She smiled when I asked her if she might want to be President of China someday.

Looking to the sun setting behind the Great Wall, she said, “There is no more emperor. We are all equal now.” She spoke these words as if they were holy. Maybe equality still felt strange to her, but she did not mean the equality of man and woman, nor that of white and black people, nor that of religious folk and atheists. With ‘equality’, she meant the fundamental equality of farmer and emperor, of people and their rulers. She meant the kind of equality our European ancestors have fought so dearly to protect, the kind of equality  EU bureaucrats now threaten to undo. And if we let them, our children and our children’s children will learn to grow up in feudal serfdom and slavery.

If we still question whether or not we should defend Western values, know that there are billions of other people living on Earth who can only dream that we do. Instead of losing ourselves to misplaced shame for historic crimes, Europeans owe it to humanity to defend their values of democracy, equal rights and individual freedom against every possible threat.

Democracy in Decline

But what are we doing wrong, when a majority of people who’ve come to live among us as guest workers, asylum seekers or refugees during the past half century, if these newcomers denounce our hard-earned equality and wish to throw our civilization back to prehistoric times? What are we doing wrong when asylum seekers apply their newly gained voting rights to vote against our democracy? How should we respond to migrants who, under the guise of equal rights, aggressively demand their right to treat women and children unequally?

We all know the answer to these question, but our voices fall silent behind the thick walls of political correctness that imprison us. Of course we should help people who need our help, but if the boundless asylum industry that our political officials have invented were really such a great idea, then how come the number of asylum seekers in need of help keeps increasing year after year? Shouldn’t the source of the problem have been solved by now? Yet, the opposite happened.

The stream of refugees did not dry up, but kept growing exponentially. In 2015, we were supposed to provide for just a few thousand refugees, but they came in tens of thousands. In 2016, politicians projected fewer than one hundred thousand refugees, but Germany alone absorbed more than million, spilling over hundreds of thousands more to neighboring countries. And now, from 2017 onward, the refugees will be allowed the right to family reunification: four wives and fifty cousins each.

Mass Migration

We all descend from immigrants, they say, but most of us do not descend from refugees. Our European ancestors settled here around 2,500 years ago. Before that, they were nomads, but they did not come here seeking asylum. Rather, our ancestors arrived in the swamps and yet managed to turned it into arable land. Their bare hands built the first homes, their backs powered the first plows, their bare feet made the first roads. Our distant families were swamp-men who dreamed of food, not iPhones.

I agree the United Nations has a duty to offer help where help is needed, but Western tax money could afford far more beds to sleep in if it were spent in Syria or Egypt rather than on Hotel Adlon, Berlin. Yet, our politicians decide against bringing European help to those in need, choosing instead to bring those in need to Europe. As they saying goes, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Has Europe become the world’s asylum center?

Objectively speaking, more Syrian refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea than would have died if they’d stayed at home. Why, then, do media pundits smear critics of this dangerous exodus as xenophobes? It seems as if the careers of a caste of asylum lawyers, migration consultants and other paid sock-puppets have become so intertwined with open border politics that the mere thought of losing their subsidized incomes makes them accuse those who do want to solve the problem of being “racists”.

The Politics of Inclusion

Those who trade our freedom for the refugee camps of the welfare state want us to believe in the Swedish solution called life without struggle. They call their politics “inclusive”. Give the immigrants your underage daughters and maybe they’ll kill you last. As long as newcomers get what they want, and as long as we accept that they will never pass on our values to their children, then hopefully we won’t offend them and they’ll leave us alone. As long as we avoid each and every conflict of values, asylum seekers will one day be cured of their backward habits and learn to love us. Everyone who disagrees with that is fascist.

But we can’t defend our freedom by saying to more than one and a half billion people imprisoned behind the Arab Veil, “Don’t dream of our freedom, because we’re willing to sell it to your slave masters in exchange for oil.” A Dutch freedom fighter once wrote, “A people who submit to tyranny, shall lose more than life and property, then darkness falls.” Don’t get me wrong—nobody wants war more than peace, but there is only one way to avoid war, and you can do so right now: flee.

Defending Our Values

Admittedly, the defense of our values will put a great toll on us, but history tells us that the greatest risk lies in the danger of progressive politics of inclusion. Our progressive friends refuse to acknowledge that and so they leave us no choice but to flee to the front, because if we continue to pamper immigrants, someday we will have to become refugees ourselves. And then what? What do we do when the descendants of a gang of seventh century robbers find out we’re too cowardly to defend ourselves?

With their sheepish behaviors, our own leaders have signaled to the world that they don’t find the defense of our civilization worthwhile. They say we should surrender our identity, our culture and our history in exchange for short-term profits. If we make a deal with the devil and maintain the politics of self-hatred and self-denial, it will weaken us to the point where we won’t even be able to defend ourselves. And therein lies the choice we must make, because professional self-haters don’t speak on behalf of the rest of us.

If nothing in Europe is worth defending, when did this begin—only now, in the face of this enemy? Or should the French people have thrown down their weapons and abort the French Revolution? Should the Dutch have surrendered at the onset of the Eighty Year War? Should the resistance have given up fighting the Nazis? Should Jan Sobieski and the Polish army have refused to fight the Ottoman Turks, surrendering Christianity to barbarism?

Fighting the Fight

Our ancestors were not refugees, they stayed and fought. They understood that it is better die a thousand deaths than to invite the enemy to come live among you. It is foolish and cowardly to cherish the hope that if we only give in to the enemy he will someday learn to love us.

You and I are not foolish cowards. You and I dare to say to those who hate us, “If you want us to drop our weapons, then come and get them!”

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