Fighting Collectivism

Marginalization, Assimilation or Eternal Struggle?

“The world conflict of today is the conflict of the individual against the state, … The names change, but the essence — and the results — remain the same, whether it is the individual against feudalism, or against absolute monarchy, or against communism or fascism or Nazism or socialism or the welfare state.”

— Ayn Rand

Liberal ideology and its socialist, social-democratic, Marxist or outright Bolshevik counterparts share a common, religious belief in progress. The names of the religion change, but what exactly do its acolytes think the world is progressing towards?

When the possessed speak of “progress”, they mean the progressive industrialization of the entire Earth. They want to urbanize the whole world at the expense of traditional rural society. If living in balance with nature was a hallmark of such rural societies, industrial societies aim to maximize the human population size, namely to maximize the economic output for its owner-class.

Those who push for progress seek to assimilate all free human beings into a single, global collective called the Global Open Society, a prison from which no one can escape. The collective is to be ruled by a self-proclaimed “far-sighted elite”, as American billionaire George Soros once put it. If you see yourself as the shepherd of mankind, you also come to regard those who oppose you as wolves: fascists, reactionaries, anti-Semites.

Regardless, progressive liberals don’t really give a damn about people. All they care about is how much they can make off others. People are just a means of production, mindless tools to be programmed with new laws, new culture, correct thoughts and compelled speech. If you refuse to play along, your economic value drops to zero.

Autonomous, self-determined peoples can’t be exploited and have no value to the collective. They are to be discarded.

To expedite your conversion to the Religion of Progress, liberals will first cast you as a potential victim of unfair treatment. Next, they will promise you salvation through diversity, inclusion, and equality (“die”), coaxing you into complete and total obedience to the collective, your new gender-neutral family.

Contrary to progressive claims of universalism, this brand of economic progress is highly particular, namely in that it serves only the interests of a chosen clique, the owner class of industrial society. Once you realize progressive liberals are paving the way for global empire, everything else starts to make sense.

To achieve humanity’s complete assimilation, both the new totalitarians and their Bolshevik predecessors have for centuries deployed their version of “draining the swamp”. By deliberately depopulating the countryside, and by luring families into cities with the false promise of “a better life”, the urban puppet masters learned to secure power over people’s hearts and minds.

Totalitarians, whose aim is to have total control over all people, have historically used war and famine as a conducive. By pitting strong countrymen against each other in suicidal wars, such as the trench wars of the First World War, the totalitarians could then herd the surplus of surviving women into urban areas, where Father State would substitute for a husband.

Repeated over centuries of time, the process of war has thus turned rural areas into ghost towns. Indeed, it has happened that way every time. The Second World War eradicated a large portion of the rural populations from the North Sea to the Ural mountains. After the war, its mentally broken survivors returned to the cities to find shelter.

Now, finally, men’s belief in God had been broken to the point of accepting a belief in the State! It takes the horrors of war to make a man lose his faith in God, and the totalitarians know it all too well.

Our urban masters are continuously at war with autonomous peoples who choose to live free from the global collective. The ever-hungry collective justifies the initial depopulation and subsequent urbanization of the countryside by dehumanizing its inhabitants as ‘backward rednecks’, ‘right-wing extremists’, ‘gun-toting Republicans’, ‘religious fundamentalists’ or ‘alt-right fascists’.

These people should have no rights. But whatever the epithet, in the West the collectivists have already won. In Europe, nearly three-quarters of its continental population now live in cities. Mechanized agriculture has all but wiped out Europe’s rural populations. All that remains of traditional life survives in suburbia, bastions of white yearning for a long-lost past.

To efface even the suburbs of conservative blood, progressive liberals now justify the biological replacement of any and all individualists with a more docile breed, preferably imported from the collectivist civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa. It’s not ‘whiteness’ or ‘privilege’ that progressives fear, but the strength and determination to withstand the false god of collectivism, the State.

If mass immigration is sure to wipe out white suburbia, and if there is no possibility of a return to a more meaningful life in rural towns, then what will the future of the West look like?

Alt-right cult leader Richard B. Spencer promotes the idea for a white ethnostate, presumably somewhere within North America. This is the dumbest idea I have recently heard of. The idea is as absurd as Native Americans volunteering to be locked up in Indian reserves upon the arrival of European colonists.

No. Building a white ethnostate, even if to escape multiculturalism, amounts to auto-ghettoization. It is a sign of surrender, weakness, withdrawal, and retreat. Rather than flee into marginalization, the willing and able must choose the flight to the front.

If we want to live free from the manipulations of the upper classes, both our own and those biologically different from us, then we must convince urban families to turn their back on the State. They may seek refuge from collectivism in the countryside, where they may slowly rebuild a more meaningful existence in a community of like-minded people.

To expedite their exodus, the bravest souls among us must wage a guerrilla war against the collectivists’ holiest institutions, including the supranational organizations of the United Nations, the World Bank, even the European Commission and the Federal U.S. Government.

To save humanity from all forms of statist slavery, what choice do we have but to burn these temples of statism to the ground? Anything with a flag or anthem deserves our contempt.

Yes, this is where I part ways with alt-right nationalists. Hitler, too, was a globalist who dreamed of making Berlin the capital of the world.

Arguably, the only difference between Adolf Hitler and George Soros is that Soros uses soft power to replace the Germans, whereas Hitler marched his own people to their deaths. Reading Hitler’s Table Talk paints a picture of a mentally unstable man who thought he could program people to behave the way he wanted them to behave. There’s no doubt in my mind Hitler was a collectivist.

Those of us who are not yet prepared to flee in white reserves, as the alt-rightists seem to be, must, therefore, prepare for eternal struggle. We must fight it, and we must keep fighting it. Only through our relentless resistance of urban collectivism may we hope to restore some balance between God and the State.

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