Global Kleptocracy

The ‘Progress’ Globalists Speak About Means the One that Fills Their Pockets

Thieving kleptocrats backing globalist and nationalist regimes both aim to exploit the common people. Globalists are just better at it. We must topple these criminal regimes, especially those in the West. Not to establish a global open society, but to return peoples of European descent to traditional values of God, family, and kin.

One can hardly read a Western European newspaper nowadays—Spain’s El Pais, France’s Le Monde, Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, and so on—without feeling disenfranchised by its journalists’ incessant spouting of anti-Eastern propaganda. Russia and its (former) satellite states have refused to embrace the suicidal doctrines of multiculturalism, open borders, and mass immigration, even those embedded within the European Union, such as Hungary and Poland. For this failure, these nations and their innocent peoples must be berated, bullied non-stop, pressured and punished if not outright invaded by millions of African and Arab migrants.

The Western “regime media”, as I called them, have united in their globalist attack on the nationalist East. Supposedly, gangs of thieves are running Eastern Nations. They are kleptocracies such as Macedonia, Hungary, and Russia. Indeed, perhaps they are. But are Western nations truly any better? No! The Netherlands, for example, my homeland and a self-proclaimed beacon of progressive politics, has long fallen to globalist kleptocrats who rob the people blind. Backed by EU bureaucrats, the owners of The Netherlands Inc. have reduced the Dutch people to “cash cows” in the parlance of a product lifecycle.

Multinational corporations such as Unilever, Shell, and Philips are effectively running The Netherlands, having planted one of their own—Mark Rutte, a brainless, soulless former Unilever bureaucrat—as the nation’s Prime Minister. At best, Rutte is a serf of international capital. This man has greater concern for Coca Cola’s stock price than for the survival of the Dutch people. Nations and their peoples, apparently, have become expendable assets.

Even the socialist leaders of The Netherlands play foul. Either they come from a multinational background, such as the former leader of the Worker’s Party, Wouter Bos, a former Shell manager. When they leave politics, they traditionally join the Boards of Commissioners, for example for KLM/Air France, Shell, the Dutch Central Bank or some other prestigious institute. Only a fool would believe social democrats give a damn about human beings.

The Netherlands is not and never has been a true democracy. Modern democracy, the kind exported to Europe and the rest of the world by the United States of America, appears to have been the greatest scam in the history of humankind. This brand of democracy served U.S. kleptocrats well. It let them plant their own candidates in foreign regimes, just as Unilever planted its candidate in The Hague. If you ever wondered why so many Russian opposition candidates have been assassinated in recent decades, it’s because the Russians damn well knew these candidates were on the globalist cabal’s payroll.

Western peoples exist to be milked and taxed until a new, more profitable people comes along to replace them. The true purpose of multiculturalism was always to erase native families and replace them with higher-grossing immigrants, who still need to buy all the wealth Westerners have grown tired of. Call it genocide, if you will, but I don’t think that word is big enough to cover the extent of the crime being committed before our eyes. Deprecated, written off, the globalist cabal will happily dispose of all those who fail to hit their targets.

More recently, though, the tide has started to turn. China’s Xi Jinping declared himself “president for life”. Western media can’t be too harsh on China because they know how much Western economies have to rely on Chinese labor (and Arab oil). I would have said “China has a new emperor,” but I’m just a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Nevertheless, Xi’s move proves the world has had enough of American dictates. The prestige that U.S. democracy once exerted, the kind U.S. kleptocrats used to hide behind, has worn off.

Increasingly, the ugly faces pulling the strings have emerged from behind the smoke screens. That’s Donald Trump’s legacy. A media showman, he gamed the system and checkmated the cabal. Swiss research group proved much of Western media is controlled by a very small group of hardly 5,000 members, namely the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), who make up a large share of the owners and directors of the U.S. media empire. Before Trump, members or family members of the CFR had been elected U.S. President for twenty years. Democratic rotation loses its meaning when every new President is loyal to the same doctrine.

This means U.S. Empire as a whole is losing its grip on the world. That also means its owner will respond in increasingly panicked ways. When former Russian double agent Skripal and his daughter were allegedly poisoned, Western media united in their condemnation of Russia. More likely, the British poisoned him themselves, or staged the entire event, in order to have something to fight Russia with. Russia has no incentive to cause further conflict with the West because it knows it will either lose a Third World War or suffer extreme consequences, such as the extermination of half its people and its subjugation to U.S. kleptocracy like Western Europe after the Second World War.

That doesn’t mean Europe should kiss Russia’s ass, either. Come to think of it, if Russia and Germany would team up, and I’m not saying they should, together they could cleanse all of Europe of its ethnic immigrant populations and establish an empire so vast and powerful it would rule the world for many thousands of years. At the same time, that would leave the Anglo, the Atlantic world divided up by the United Kingdom and the United States, destitute. If the balance of power were to shift away from the Washington-London axis towards a Berlin-Moscow axis, North America would soon belong to the Third World.

All nationalist regimes are kleptocratic, but all globalist regimes are kleptocratic, too. Progressive liberalism is not the answer, it is part of the problem. To truly free ourselves from the thieves that govern us, we must return to the traditional values of a personal God (not the Church), a self-sustaining, autonomous family and the love for our kin. Only autarkic, autonomous societies can provide an answer to the evils of global capitalism disguised as “progress”.

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