A Nordic Diet of Meat and Milk

Bread and Pasta Are for the Masses

Bread is for slaves. While some want you to believe milk and meat are racist, I recommend every healthy white man to stock up on animal protein.

Neanderthals evolved in ice-age Europe, the only hominid species to have evolved in lethally cold environments. To survive, the Neanderthals adopted a diet of high-protein animal products. They became carnivores. The average Neanderthal ate about 4 lbs or 2 kg of fresh meat every day. Because fishing rods hadn’t been invented yet, Neanderthal man had to hunt terrestrial prey–deer, cattle, mammoth, and so on.

Since modern white Europeans, especially Nordic ones, carry quite some Neanderthal DNA (between 2% and 12%), you should know that vegetarian diets make you weak. In fact, white baby children cannot survive on a vegan diet at all. Babies need the animal protein from their mother’s milk. Stop being a soy-boy and unleash your inner Neanderthal.

It’s easy to make a caricature of dietary traditionalists. Just because my paleolithic ancestors subsisted on berries and nuts doesn’t mean I have to. Nor am I genetically identical to them. Evolution never stops. Besides, stone-age man didn’t live to see age 40. Closer to home, though, I know Julius Caesar, upon his visit to the British Isles, observed that the Britons of around 50 BC lived on a diet of mostly milk and meat and that they were healthy and strong.

Britons, of a similar Celtic stock as their continental cousins, fused with Germanic invaders and ate little corn. They didn’t grow any. That means they didn’t eat bread or pasta, either. About one-and-a-half century later, Agricola, according to Tacitus, noted the Britons could survive on roots and tree bark when they were hiding from their enemies in the woods.

Tacitus also wrote about the eating habits of the Germanic tribes he had encountered in the north. They didn’t eat fruit, for example. There weren’t any fruit trees in Asgard.

The name of one of the Germanic tribes, the Cherusci, cherut / herut meaning deer (hert in Dutch, Hirsch in German), signals they were descendants of a race of deer hunters. Who might they have been? Well, ancient Neanderthal man hunted deer for tens of thousands of years before modern man arrived in Europe. North-Western Europeans, in fact, mixed with Neanderthals and still carry about 6–10% of Neanderthal DNA, unlike black Africans, for example, who do not carry any.

“Archaeologists have discovered ancient Neanderthal spears in both the United Kingdom and Germany,” writes sciencemag.com.

So, we know for sure our North-Western European ancestors ate deer and/or reindeer meat. I also know that the Germanic and Celtic ancestors lived along the river Rhine, which used to be where the Atlantic salmon would lay its eggs each summer. For many ages, the Rhine thus provided people with fresh fish. (Not anymore, though. Today’s Rhine is so polluted the salmon no longer dare swim upstream.)

For many thousands of years, meats, not carbohydrates, have been the main ingredient of Nordic man’s diet. In fact, our close ancestors subsisted on a diet of mostly meat and animal fat. The mummy Ötzi found in the Austrian mountains had his belly full of animal fat when he died. He had had his last meal just two or three hours before his death. Fat made up half of the contents in his stomach. (He died shortly after his dinner in an act of violence.)

Putting all this information together, I am roughly able to determine an optimal diet for people of North-Western European descent. It is a diet of mostly milk and meat.

Warning. This is not a universal human diet and I am not an expert. If you can’t digest lactose, this diet will certainly harm you. I am not responsible for your personal choices.

Don’t Eat/Drink

  • Bread and pasta
  • Potatoes (from Peru; not introduced to Europe since around 1650)
  • Fruit and smoothies
  • Commercial fast food and “health food”
  • Candy, anything with added sugar
  • Coffee and tea

Do Eat/Drink

  • Water instead of sodas
  • Dairy products: fat milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, camembert, etc.
  • White meat: chicken, turkey, salmon
  • Red meat: cow, sheep, deer (don’t worry about “lean meat”, fatty meat is probably better)
  • Some greens and veggies: lettuce, beans, carrots, reddish, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
  • Berries and nuts (occasionally, to supplement your diet, not as a main component)

I wouldn’t try tree bark, but this milk-and-meat diet seems to work well for me. I feel much more energetic. I no longer suffer from bouts of extreme fatigue after eating two slices of bread.

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