What Progressive Liberals Really Want

Matriarchy, Materialism, and Uniformity of Thought and Behavior

Almost all Western peoples are descendants of Indo-Europeans, a group of people that shared a common language. For thousands of years, they roamed the Eurasian planes on horseback. Their descendants became the Roman peoples and the Germanic peoples, the Indians and the Persians, the Greek and the Anglo, and even the Tocharians, an ancient people from West-China.

Indo-Europeans were the first, or one of the first, people to tame horses and make use of the wheel to build carts and wagons. The application of the wheel gave them the advantage of mobility over other peoples of their day. On horseback, they became a roving plague to other, sedentary populations.

Our ancestors were patriarchal peoples. They herded sheep and cattle. Their diet consisted of meat and dairy products. Married men ruled the tribes. Unmarried men formed the warrior castes. Indo-Europeans were polytheists who believed in a male chief deity, Father Sky, a weather god, and a dawn goddess. The Indo-European Sky-Father, Dyeus Phter, later became Zeus in Greek, Jupiter in Latin, and the Norse god Týr.

Although Christianity, a Semitic, non-Indo-European religion, introduced monotheism to Europe, European societies stayed patriarchal. Notably, in Christianity, the Virgin Mary gave birth to God (as Christ). That way, Christianity put the Holy Matriarch above the male God in the Christian pantheon, betraying the matriarchal origins of Semitic beliefs (echoed in the Jewish Zohar/Kabbalah that says God is a woman, for example).

Unlike Indo-European civilizations, the early Semitic/Sumerian civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Middle East were marked by female chief deities such as Inanna (goddess of Uruk) and chaos herself, Tiamat (of Babylon). Old Sumerian literature, for example, describes how male kings received access to Inanna’s loins. A male deity, Marduk, fought Tiamat but seems to have been an invention, like Christ, in order to win over patriarchal men.

The early Semitic and Sumerian peoples were the first to build cities. Around the time that Indo-Europeans began roaming the planes in their cattle-pulled carts, the ancient Mesopotamians began building walled cities such as Uruk, Ur, Babylon, later Jerusalem etc. In fact, it’s reasonable to think Sumerian cities were built in response to invading Indo-European horse-riders.

This brings me to the following point. The beliefs held by modern progressive liberals are distinctly Semitic or Eastern. Like the beliefs of social democrats, they do *not* have an Indo-European origin.

In other words, what progressive liberals call ‘progress’ is really the progressive transformation from patriarchal Indo-European societies to matriarchal Semitic/Sumerian ones. The latter wishes to establish itself as the single global civilization, an example for all others, by assimilating all others. All those who refuse or resist their assimilation will be driven to extinction. 

In fact, social democracy is the preferred tool for spreading the matriarchy. Since cities absorb ever-growing caches of people, and since socialism tailors to urban populations’ needs, social democracy guarantees that majorities of people will be raised (and brainwashed) in an urban matriarchal culture. As cities expand and become the dominant stores of human beings, urban matriarchy will be able to establish itself globally.

In our time, the powers that be have already drawn this conclusion: Hey, ho, Western men have got to go. In response to their scheduled pruning (World War 3) of rural white men, we who wish to live free have few options left. One option could be to form a nation-wide warrior caste (not a national army but an independent people’s army!) to fight the global matriarchy, and, like so many Indo-European mythologies have foretold, slay the dragon.

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