Why Hypergamy is the Solution

A Return of the Bronze Age

A much-debated phenomenon in the online manosphere is the perceived threat of ‘hypergamy’. Hypergamy means that most women prefer to sleep with the same few men, i.e. rich and powerful alpha-male stallions, whereas most ‘beta males’ will be left out of the sexual market altogether.

A much-frequented blog that has written extensively about hypergamy is Chateau Heartiste, a politically incorrect dating website for men. Heartiste’s editors seem to believe that constraining female hypergamy, the way Christian marriage does, is the foundation of Western civilization and that we should return to such Christian morals.

Heartiste’s editors are right if they wish to preserve a Judeo-Christian West. However, before Christianity came to Europe—to the many peoples of Indo-European descent—our ancestors didn’t seem to take issue with the idea of hypergamy. In fact, hypergamy was the preferred societal configuration of all Indo-European, Bronze Age societies that would later become the West.

In primitive Indo-European society, there was, just as today, a shortage of propertied men whose wealth could provide for women’s children. Female hypergamy solved that problem by introducing two benefits. Firstly, hypergamy meant most women were able to have offspring. Secondly, hypergamy meant a large segment of men would never marry and form their tribe’s warrior caste.

Indeed, during the Bronze Age, so-called unmarried ‘beta males’ formed the tribe’s warriors. They would both defend their tribe, their tribe’s women and children, as well as go on frequent razzias to rob other tribes’ women and wealth.

It’s not hypergamy, however, that is undoing Western Christian marriages. It’s the economy. Growing economies, meaning profitable economies, cannot afford to have a large class of male warriors. Male aggression would have been too disruptive to an economically prosperous society. So, in modern times, as a consequence of our wealth, men were required to ‘settle down’. One way to pacify men was to grant each man his woman—the Christian marriage.

However, if, in our time, dating apps have weaponized female hypergamy by creating one giant online pool of men from which women can choose, it’s not really women’s doing. Women aren’t the cause of their hypergamy. Declining economies are. In declining economies, there is simply not enough wealth available to provide for each woman and her offspring. As a consequence, many more women will sleep with the same rich men, whereas many more men will be expected to become warriors.

What we are witnessing in the West today is a reversal to Bronze Age societies. There is not enough wealth left for all women to have children. Therefore, many more men must become warriors. Female hypergamy forces so-called ‘beta males’ to become warriors. The unmarried warriors will be required to go on razzias to rob other tribes’ women and wealth—for example, the wealth stored in big cities.

(If Western women seem to be having too much fun with men from outside of the Indo-European tribes, e.g. Africans, Arabs, Asians, etc., it’s because these women, realizing there won’t be a rich white man available for them, are literally giving themselves up for grabs to other warriors willing to rob them. It’s what Indo-European women have been doing for thousands of years. For white males looking for a wife, the correct response is to become warriors, too.)

There is no shame in being an unmarried warrior. There is only shame in cowardice. Christian Western civilization is coming to an end. Our Christian ways of life can no longer provide for our peoples. We must, therefore, welcome the new ‘Bronze Age’. Though the new Bronze Age will be fought with nuclear weapons, unmarried Western men would do well to 1) arm themselves, 2) get their horses (or tanks), and 3) form mobile militias, scouring their territories for enemies to rob (the big cities).

The future of the West will be called the Age of Guerilla Warfare.

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