Infantile Baby-Boomers Ruined the West

German author Raymond Unger analyzed the German psyche in his new book Der Wiedergutmacher (The Reparator). He concludes that the fatherless post-war generation, led by women, never grew up. Emotionally infantilized, the baby-boomer generation never rooted in its own nation. The hatred for its own people and fatherland stems from this emotional alienation.

Junge Freiheit reports:

“Besides other transgenerational traumata, the failing male role model has such drastic implications because the fathers build the bridge to the world of grown-ups. [Without fathers, no grown-up people.] Furthermore, the army as a place of initiation, where young men cut themselves loose from the bond with their mother, was lost.”

Unger explains that the loss of male emancipation (from their mothers) has led to a nation of unmanly men worshipping ‘Mutti Merkel’, the childless mother who has come to dominate Germany–”a regressive, collective projection beyond comparison”.

I’ve written about the feminization of Western Europe herehere, and here. In short, the world wars led to a surplus of unmarried women because their (prospective) husbands were dead. Women began leading industry and politics. Young men were reduced to second-rate larvae in a female-dominated society. Homosexuality and transgenderism are no natural phenomena but rather media-endorsed inventions meant to further corrupt men. The globalist endgame is to overthrow Indo-European patriarchies and replace them with a single, global matriarchy, perhaps even drive the male sex to extinction.

Without a male example anchoring them in reality, children, especially girls, fail to develop the adult behaviors required to deal with the real world. The baby-boomer generation has been a childish, narcissistic, irresponsible, self-hating, guilt-obsessed class that loved every other people, race, and nation but their own. This emotionally unstable generation put the survival of everyone else above the survival of their own people. Baby-boomers tend to collectivize and project the disgust they feel toward themselves.

(Note that Donald Trump was born in 1946, just before the baby-boomer generation.)

The 2015 refugee crisis finally gave this unstable generation what they needed: redemption in the form of self-abolition. By welcoming the manlier, more traditionalist and more conservative immigrants to replace themselves, the baby-boom generation subconsciously thought it was welcoming its lost “good” father–not a white father but a brown father. The immigrants, of course, couldn’t care less about these stupid, naive people welcoming them in.

“These well-situated people with high educations never learned what it means to be an adult: to take responsibility for the consequences of one’s own actions. A save-the-world attitude, Phariseeism, and infantilism go hand in hand [with these baby-boomers].”

Germans, and by extension all white Westerners, have been conditioned to hate their own kind. They have been denied male role models who helped separate boys from their mothers. The question is, will white men break free from their childish state, or will the global matriarchy forever enslave them?

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