Saying “No” to the Identitarian Movement

Deconstructing Western Culture

I’ve always found the “Identitarian” movement strangely suspect. It popped up out of nowhere in France as Génération identitaire, and then the movement spread throughout Europe. Nearly every major city in North-Western Europe has its own local outfit, sometimes more than one. But this universalist hallmark of a sort-of pan-European movement is highly uncommon for Europe’s right-wing scene.

What the F*ck Is Identitarianism?

And then it hit me: culture is the identity of a group, whereas identity is the culture of an individual.

In other words, Marxists are trying to subvert Western cultures by breaking them up into antomized identities. Indeed, the atomized individual is how leftish intellectuals envision humans ought to live. Without culture. Without nations. Without familial groups, Without kin and kinship ties. Without the glue that keeps people together to form a society.

Identitarianism, as a political movement, is a left-wing invention. But by allowing right-wing men to “feel” right-wing (namely, as individuals, not as groups), it aims to defuse white male collaboration for their survival.

This atomized individualism is, of course, precisely what the left understand as anti-fascism. Fasci means bundles or groups. Anti-fascism really means anti-groupism. It means to destroy and deconstruct even the biological family (man, woman, children), for the family unit is considered an “authoritarian” conspiracy against women and their daughters. Or something.

A Con Job

One cannot begin to debate leftist who spout such bizarre fantastical delusions. One cannot reason with insanity. Suffice to say that identitarianism is a Marxist philosophy designed to disintegrate culture, not just white culture but all culture.

Whites are not, and have never been, atomized individuals. We are races, tribes, nations, religious communities, families, and kinship groups. We survive together not alone. The identitarian movement’s trans-national Spartan flag serves to transcend such nationalistic identities. Identitarianism serves the ideal of globalism but wraps it in right-wing rhetoric. The Identitarian movement is a con job.

As Soviet revolutionary Lenin once pointed out, the best way to deal with the opposition is to lead the opposition yourself. Though I can’t prove it (yet), I suspect, behind the scenes, Soros Open Society groups are funding all of the Identarian branches. It’s a classic case of controlled opposition. Literally every so-called “right-winger” who deals in this ideology is a fraud, a spy, an infiltrator, or plain evil.

Sadly, the Identitarians appear to be successful. They have lured many young European men, and some women, away from (future) armed conflict in the benefit of their group’s survival, and so, away from discussing the real causes of their changing world.

Recognizing the Controlled Opposition

If we cannot recognize the controlled opposition, we cannot break away from it. The list below may come as an utter shock to readers who’ve bought into the Identitarian scene. But it’s extremely important to study the list and then break away from the false programming in your head.

Here is a cast of Identitarian (and related) controlled opposition and organizations:

  • Martin Sellner (“Catholic”)
  • Brittany Pettibone + her sister (“Catholic”)
  • Tommy Robinson / Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (unabashed Zionist)
  • Lauren Southern (transgender man)
  • Faith Goldy (Israeli, transgender man)
  • Lieutenant Soph (transgender boy)
  • Milo Yiannapolous (gay pedophile)
  • David Duke (gay, CIA)
  • Jared Taylor (a hu-hu-white man)
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Richard B Spencer ( CIA/FBI)
  • Laura Loomer
  • Millennial Woes (a very sick man)
  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Jordan Peterson (crypto-Marxist)
  • Daniel Friberg
  • PewDiePie / Felix Kjellberg
  • Lana Lokteff
  • Henrik Palmgren
  • Murdoch Murdoch
  • The Golden One
  • Red Ice Radio
  • Black Pigeon Speaks
  • Resurrection Europa
  • Nova Europa
  • Europa Terra Nostra
  • Spencer’s NPI
  • Motpol
  • Arktos Media
  • Rebel Media and everyone (formerly) associated with it
  • All of the Identitarian outfits

The Real Right?

Here are some book authors that belong in the right-wing readers’ library:

  • Hans Günther
  • Kurt Eggers
  • Oswald Spengler
  • Theodor Fritsch
  • Johann Gottlieb Fichte
  • R. Walther Darré
  • Jan de Vries (on Old Norse religion & history)
  • Ernst Jünger
  • Von Clausewitz
  • Von Richthofen
  • Von Bismarck

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