There Is No Political Solution

Our eternal condemnation to treat others equally, as a means to right perceived historical wrongs, also says we are the ones who have something more to give.

This ability of ours, to take care of other people, often in the manner that a farmer may feel sympathy for his cattle, provokes in the world’s rabble an incurable jealousy, if not a vicious hatred, for it means they are our patients, and that makes us the cure.

And to heal their narcissistic pain, the so-called minorities, ruminating over their perceived loss of dignity, can only accuse us, Westerners, of being born privileged. The accusation helps restore them some sense of pride, and gives them a justification for blackmailing us into giving more.

But what if the thing we have more of is rather something innate, something we cannot share with others, at least not directly—our creativity, our problem-solving ability, our innate culture, our athletic prowess, our drive to explore and conquer?

For it was us, men of European stock, who invented the solutions behind our world’s great social transformations. We are the descendants of men who sailed the oceans and discovered the world. It is us, who, despite being a global minority, manage to win most gold medals at every Olympic Games, and have so for 100 years straight.

There is something that makes us privileged—and it is in our blood. We should not have to feel guilty for it, and give away half of our wealth as a sort of indulgence to appease a jealous world full of people who prefer nothing more than to sink back into a state of animal subconsciousness as soon as we disappear from their world again.

Still, we shouldn’t be extorted to the point of surrendering the fruits of our labor. If we are better than average, which the historical record has proven, then we should have the right to enjoy our status, rather than to cower our heads in shame each day for the crime of having had more successful forefathers.

It is our enemy, of course, who keeps telling us not to take pride in our ancestors, our history, and our race, not because we don’t deserve to, but because it leaves our enemy so little else to be proud of.

March of the Titans

Our ancestors were the first to domesticate the horse, and around the same time, we also invented the wheel and carriage. Living on the move in their wagons, it gave these distant relatives of ours an unlimited range of mobility. Our urge to explore and conquer had led us to invent the technology required for it.

Roaming the planes of Eurasia, on horseback, with the help of a loyal sheepdog, men of our race could now shepherd flocks of hundreds of sheep at a time, if not thousands, grazing along vast pastures. This pastoral lifestyle won us tremendous surpluses of milk and meat to share with our families.

With the help of domesticated horses, we, as a people, knew we were never going to go hungry again. This historical benefit still shows in our physique. Since we began living with cattle, we evolved the ability to digest milk and dairy products, too. It gave our offspring a significant health boost over their lactose-intolerant peers.

Such a benefit must have appeared an almost superhuman trait to our Bronze-Age forebears. This diet, rich in protein, made our daughters fat and fertile, our sons thick and muscular. It meant that more of our descendants now survived the evolutionary struggle. It also affected positively the development of our brains—it has made us more creative, and more determined.

From the planes of Eurasia, we set out to explore the world. When we invented ships, we called them the horses of the sea, for they gallop on the waves. By the time we discovered Native Americans, who had canoes, we had long adopted sailing. We went on to invent the steam engine, followed by diesel engines soon afterward and, eventually, manned flight. It brought the whole world within our reach.

Is it really a coincidence that European men perfected, if not originated, all of these inventions? Is it really a crime that our history reads like the march of Titans?

Instead of worrying about making ourselves equal to a world of latecomers and underachievers, we should perhaps cut ourselves loose from them, and set our sights on new knowledge to be gained and new rights to be won.

Alas, to protect their fragile egos, the minorities of the world had but two options: either to worship us as gods, which many did, at first, or to condemn our forebears as the perpetrators of a gigantic historical injustice, the unfair distribution of material wealth among Earth’s peoples, as if we had stolen everything from the Kangz of Wakanda.

Taming Zebras

Now that I’ve mentioned the Wakandians, how come sub-Saharan Africans never invented the wheel? More importantly, how come they never tamed the zebras? It seems as if both social and technological progress have stood still for so many thousands of years until the arrival of the Europeans forced these Central Africans to update their ways.

It’s not the case at all that Africans had no reason to go looking for a new mode of transportation. The cost of transportation was always very high over there. In Africa, everything had to be carried on foot. The African continent, as big as it is, has few rivers, and even fewer flow out to open sea, making it impossible to cross the planes by canoe or ship.

Yet, had Africans tamed the zebra, they could have conquered all of Europe and all of Asia as well. But they didn’t. Then we would have been their slaves. But we weren’t.

All sorts of excuses have been cooked up by low-brow intellectuals to try to explain the African’s inability to tame the zebra, at best, a feeble attempt to save the face of equality. Some say zebras have such a chaotic social order, that they have no clear leadership structure, and that they are naturally inclined to act stubbornly and stupidly. Uh-huh.

Others say zebras enjoy nibbling at people’s fingers a little too much and that Africans weren’t keen on losing their digits. So, apparently, we are to believe the only thing that stood between black Africans and world conquest was a pack of zebras.

The truth is a bit different. The real reason why Africans couldn’t tame the zebra has nothing to do with zebras, but with Africans. And now I’m guilty of a expressing a serious thought crime for which I may receive jailtime in my home country, for I dare say the difference between zebras and horses, by far, is not as great as that between Nordic and Negroe men.

There is a reason why European man, who had already succeeded in taming horses, also succeeded in domesticating the African. Unlike them, Europeans have the patience to deal with boisterous animals.

The general public in our time, however, has been conditioned to fear the very understanding that some people, like those of European stock, may possess, in their blood, certain qualities—not merely individual qualities but rather racial qualities carried by their peoples as a whole—that let them master their environments quicker than others can, first and foremost, through imagination and action.

Culture is downstream from race. It isn’t true that our peoples are unjustly enjoying a culture of historically undeserved privileges—we first had to create the very conditions for said culture. We groveled in the dirt for thousands of years before we learned to fly.

Our history is the outcome of our actions. So, our enemies had to invent the lie of equality to shame us into submission, and put themselves on a pedestal, to get us to surrender the things we can share with others, namely our wealth as a tax, and our children as tributes.

Why Democracy Hurts Us

One thing we cannot give the world, though, and that is our ability to generate new insights.

One such insight is this: modern democracy is blackmail. Democracy blackmails our people into accepting a lower quality of life just to avoid angering herds of rancorous minorities, lest they revolt against us and set fire to our nations.

This condition is the real historical injustice. Modernity has put the rabble in charge of the strong. It has perverted the natural order of things. Modern democracy has put incompetent beggars in charge of the distribution of our rations, depleting our grain supply, so to speak, and made our economies subservient to the needs of an envious world proletariat.

Every four years or so, we are confronted anew with a system imposed on us during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, universal suffrage. All of a sudden, an ever-growing proletariat shackled us to a world full of needy people. A never-ending influx of people will not only force us to revert to their mean, but open borders will also keep lowering that mean to the lowest common denominator.

We are headed toward an idiocracy. No wonder that in so-called advanced nations such as the United States fewer than half of the eligible voters still bother to vote; the majority are effectively voting against democracy by not voting.

An unprecedented destruction of human capital is taking place before our eyes, for that’s what an open-border democracy really does. It naturally leads to the erasure of ethnic and national boundaries, and to the dilution of our innate qualities through miscegenation. All of this, of course, is exactly what globalists want—to do away with us, by destroying the object of their envy.

Here’s another insight: There is no political solution. If we don’t close the borders now, a replacement population will soon erase us, but not before it demands to be fed.

This universal democracy as we know it has nothing to do with the organic democracies of ancient Greece. By nature, it does not respect the boundaries of our many nations and peoples. It is nothing like the gatherings of Germanic men at their Althing, where each man could voice his opinions to his equals. Modern democracies serve only to impose the world’s will on us—to enslave us.

It all rests on this false belief that rootless individuals voting for their rational self-interest will somehow produce a livable society for everyone. This system says that what’s best for me must also be best for the world. Ha! But we don’t think like that. We say that what’s good for everyone must also be good enough for us.

Therein lies both our strength and our weakness. We are both able and too willing to accommodate others who will never returns us the favor. The world simply lacks the empathy to care about us equally.

And when we go to vote in such a democracy, the globalist media will tell us, on beforehand, what to think, what beliefs we may consider true, what candidates are considered controversial, and whom well-thinking people ought to vote for.

Diversity is our strength. All people are equal. There is only one race, the human race. Boys can be girls, but there are seventy-one genders. White people are born privileged.

Do you really believe any of this nonsense? Just because a world majority of people think a certain policy is good for them, that doesn’t mean it is good for us.

Nothing but the most dysfunctional outcomes have been produced by majority decision, forcing everyone else to live under the dictatorship of global groupthink.

We have opened our borders to the poorest people in the world, only to hear more cries that inequality has somehow risen again, and more money has to be taken from hard-working families to provide the newcomers with a free life, until another, even poorer family arrives at our doorstep, and the whole circus of redistribution starts over.

Toward Authoritarian Rule

Surprisingly, if you give weak, gullible people the vote, they will vote for precisely the sort of things weak gullible people tend to vote for: instant gratification, greed, gluttony, prostitution, and pornography; a deluge of degeneracy at the expense of their people’s survival.


You can’t run a society like that, a society of lows. Here, we draw the line. We’ve been too good for this world. It’s time to flex our muscles and to conquer new fertile lands.

What our peoples need is not more or less democracy, not more or less equality, but a return to an authoritarian principle, to a state led by confident men willing to fight a future for their people, men tied to their people by the blood.

Such a state will be based on this principle that our uncorrupted existence is worth more than all the money in the world.

We reason from this realization that democracy has sold the future of our children to racially alien intellectuals, internationalists, abstract thinkers who perceive the world in terms of systems and theories rather than in terms of human beings with a will of their own.

But we are not the gears in some gigantic machine! We are not machine-men with machine-minds and machine-hearts! We need no strict adherence to party programs. It’s time to let go of ideology. From now on, we shall formulate our own responses to the crisis of modernity.

We shall immediately restore the natural order. Reverse the perversion of the rule of the weak over the strong. We shall put strong-willed leadesr in charge of our societies, ready to start a fight.

Quickly, we shall come to our senses. We are not atomized individuals; we are groups of people, families, who deserve a right to live as they are, and not as state engineers design us to be.

Never again shall we be cowed into hating ourselves for having gifts others can never have. Never again shall we submit to the rule of the world proletariat.

Let it be known, that the position of the Western peoples in the world will not be determined by their liberalism but by their power. Not through democratic elections will the great questions of our time be decided but by fire and blood.

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