The West Has Fallen; Long live the West!

My friends and followers around the world, we are the ones raised to be the Tolerant Generation. That means we’re not the Greatest Generation. Bred and raised to respect The Other, we welcomed him in. All of us were going to coexist, peacefully. We were going to set aside our ethnic and religious differences to hold hands, and sing songs by the campfire.

Despite us, European men, being slandered as the eternal bad guys, raping our way through history, and the Other, praised as some sort of bon sauvage, a noble savage, our saint and savior, we kept our end of the bargain.

I, too, remember falling for it, as a kid. And for quite some time, I truly believed all people were born equal, until reality hit me. But what was the first thing that happened to us when we dropped our guard? The whole wide world commenced its attack on Western civilization, with the apparent support of the most vocal women of our own tribes, celebrating their treason as a form of liberation from oppression.

Our new masters, in charge of media and politics, had come to enact a misplaced revenge for a fictionalized past. They told us to repent for colonial slavery, and for all the crusading misery they claim we spread around the world, from pogrom to Holocaust—the white man’s original sin.

And then suddenly, we were accused of being patriarchs for wanting to find love, to marry, to build a life, to construct a house, to have children, and pursue other such apparent evils. Even when we go for a jog, we’re accused of creating a culture of excluding others in our pastimes. Literally every aspect our being, our culture, has been held up as some sort of evidence for our crimes against humanity.

And the worst thing? No one dares to speak up against these surgically executed denigrations. They have nothing to do with righting past wrongs, but with demoralizing us, weakening us from within to the point the world can deal us its final blow. The fact we’ve withstood so much slander is indicative of our strength, and of the weakness of our enemies, hyenas who cannot win in a fair fight.

And as world full of enemies grows impatience with our ability to resist their attacks with a smile, and shrug off their worst accusations with a mere look of slight disbelief, we have even come to accept the complete and total falsification of our history.

It is true that we are the descendants of the manliest culture that ever existed. Our distant male ancestors were patriarchal pastoralists from the Eurasians steppes, who spread out across the globe, to the Tarim Basin in China, to Northern India, to the Middle East, and to all of Europe, and from there, the colonial age ushered our offspring further across the globe, everywhere making himself master.

What, to us, reads as a success story, has become the focal point of irrational scorn and condemnation, and of the perpetration of the fraud that, on world’s stage, European men have been nothing but archetypical aggressors, and everyone else, the childishly innocent victims of our inbred violent nature.

World history has become a story of us versus them, and this is the only truth I recognize. Hadn’t we been the very people who had brought modern medicine to every corner in the world? Hadn’t we spread modern science and education? How about morality? Democracy? Hadn’t we given the world our best inventions, our art, literature, music, and theater—our heroes and myths?

Each story has two sides, but our side has been buried underneath a pile of faux grievances. The truth is so very different from what we are conditioned to believe. From the very first moments the world found us living on the pastures and in the forests of Europe, the world has sought nothing but our demise.

In fact, as I am about to review our true history, the conclusion upfront is that we have been far too kind rather too cruel. But we are quick learners, and we shall make amends.

The history books found in classrooms around the West have been rewritten by our enemies in order to portray us, white man, not as the warrior genius he really was, nor as the fearless pioneer of the unknown, but as though we were the Morlocks of the underworld, dim-witted crackers to be made fun of in commercial advertisements, or as barbarians good-for-nothings, freeloaders frothing at their mouths at the sight of a loose woman.

You see, Europe’s enemies are calculators—they calculate what’s best for their in-group, their global collective, and seek only to assimilate other races and peoples to exploit their subjects’ resources, but they lack every ability show empathy for these others. To a collectivist observer, Europe is but a construction site, a place to harvest forests, to build industry, and to stack people in towers to extract a monthly rent from them.

Everything is a business to them. And so, the deconstruction of our culture was deemed a necessity, namely to get us out of the way. Our religious beliefs, whether pagan or Christian, prevented us from submitting to the machinations of corporate states. Our customs and traditions only reinforced the belief in our own ability to provide for our communities, without the need for big government.

Europeans were, and always have been, the last remnants of a true free humanity, facing an enemy working toward the complete enslavement of the world, the planet’s transformation into a giant engine burning up Mother Nature as its fuel.

We are nothing like them. We believe in families as the cornerstones of society, not in atomized individuals assimilated into a world collective. By nature, we have no concept of such a globalism, or even a loyalty to the whole world, for which we make up with ample empathy. But still, that makes us separatists, and a threat to the survival of the world collective.

The first time our collectivist enemy set its sight on destroying Europe, the Spartans set aside their differences with the Greek, and sent their warrior elites to the Battle of the Hot Gates. Some 2,500 years ago. King Leonidas led this brave cohort to stop the Persian advance, with an act of selfless sacrifice, the true sign of an aristocracy.

If you’ve paid any attention in school during history class, you, too, must have learned about the Vikings who sacked the monasteries of Ireland. These barbarian men, feared for their strength, enslaved the Irishwomen, and dragged them off to Norway and back to Iceland, a sure precursor to the slave trades of the colonial age yet to come.

So, we’ve been told, but the schoolbooks won’t tell you these Nordic pirates took care of their appearance. Unlike the local Irishmen, the Vikings had a habit of bathing twice a week, and combing their hair to make themselves presentable, and so, as one Anglo monk lamented, the Irishwomen were glad to leave their unkempt husbands who never bathed.

You were also told about the countless crusades waged against “innocent people”, or about the bloody pogroms against the Jews on the way to Jerusalem. If you feel guilty about this, I assume no one told you about the Muslim brigands and bandits who, for centuries, were torturing and ransoming devout European pilgrims on their way to the Holy City? And that the Crusades were, in fact, a response to help clear the way, and make the pilgrimage safe again?

Or if you thought the Crusaders had harvested immense hoards of wealth, stolen from the locals, to drag back to Europe on horseback, and that many others stayed to occupy and colonize the Holy Land? Then I must disappoint you, for these stories are pure modern fictions.

It must’ve slipped the historian’s mind to inform you, that more than half of the Crusaders never even made it to Jerusalem alive, for they died of thirst and hunger before they got there, or were killed by Muslim soldiers who, by then, had already stripped down Jerusalem of all its wealth, and that there was little left to take for the Crusaders. Did they teach you that most Crusaders who did survive to see City, soon thereafter returned home again, with nothing to show and tell but the scars on their skin?

If these facts are all unknowns to you, then I’m sure you’ve also never heard of the Children’s Crusade? It was that time when certain merchants tricked European families from France and Germany to give up tens of thousands of their children, promising them a better life in the Holy Land, a career and a future, only to lead them to Southern Italy instead, huddle them onto ships set for Tunisia, to sell these youngsters into slavery on the Arab slave markets?

Then I supposed you’ve never heard the news, either, that these foul merchants rid themselves of their unsold overstock, innocent kids, by sinking their ships and drowning them in the Mediterranean Sea to avoid having to feed them?

But you have heard about the Atlantic Slave trade, haven’t you? That great crime for which we must forever repent, repair, and repay, and of the many millions of black men brought over to the Americas to work the plantations. It was the Arabs who had begun capturing and selling slaves from Black Africa, as early as the fourth century, and they kept doing so until well after slavery was abolished everywhere in the West.

But who cares to point these things out? I do. I care that the modern representation of our history is fraudulent fiction.

Can you guess why North America, today, boasts a thriving African population, but that the Arabian Peninsula, which, throughout history, absorbed just as many black slaves, has almost no black citizens left? Well, the Arabs were foreseeing enough to deny blacks reproduction, and made sure to kill captured black females upon arrival, and to make black men Eunuchs, through a procedure so brutal only one in ten lived to tell anyone about it.

So, you see, history is full of surprises. During the same timespan as the colonial slave trade, Muslim pirates working off the Barbary coast of North Africa succeeded in capturing over a million white slaves between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, even sailors from Northern Europe, and sometimes stripping entire Spanish villages of their inhabitants, turn the coastal regions into ghost towns.

But Vikings looking for an Irish wife were the evildoers, of course.

Time and time again, our enemies have sent their feral ghouls to hunt Europa. Europe has never been immune to attacks from the outside. For the past fourteen centuries, the Islamic crescent surrounding our homelands has attempted to populate our continent with its own. Charles Martel stopped them in the heart of France near Poitiers, but only with the help from the winter cold for which the Muslim invaders hadn’t come prepared.

The Mongols, by the early thirteenth century, those famous horse riders, marched unto present-day Poland. The priests of the day wrote to their peers in the West of men with faces as ugly as dogs, slaughtering, raping, and pillaging Eastern Europe. Hadn’t Genghis Khan’s death sounded the retreat, Europe as we know it would have ceased to exist.

The Albanian military commander, Skanderbeg, a former slave captured by the Turks as a child, rebelled against his former masters during the early 15th century, dealing a critical blow to the Ottoman Empire, which undisputedly slowed down the Turkish advance into Europe, allowing others to prepare defenses.

The Austrians stopped the Turks at the Siege of Vienna, the first time, and the second time, at the Battle of Vienna, with the help of Polish King John Sobieski III. The French croissant we have today was originally meant as a Viennese victory sandwich, to eat up Islam’s crescent moon, to celebrate the defeat of the Turks.

If the Arab colonization of Spain for seven centuries hadn’t been enough, the Turks now colonized and occupied Greece, Hungary, and Bulgaria, and many other parts. For five centuries, the Bulgarians were forced to live under the yoke of Islamic oppression. The Bulgarian resistance never gave up, and neither shall we.

We all know about the Holocaust, but too few of us have even heard of the Holodomor, the deliberate starvation of more than ten million white Christians under orders from Stalin. A third of the casualties were children.

The world wars killed off so many European men that entire generations of women, called leftovers, could no longer find husbands, and were so driven into the workforce, by necessity, to fend for themselves. If the world wars hadn’t taken place, feminism would have never happened.

During that last war, Stalin’s thirty million soldiers marched onto Europe facing a German barricade of barely five million men. By the end of the war, the Red Army has lost twenty-five million. The Germans lost the war, but they did stop the Russian advance at Berlin, sparing Europe a more horrific future.

At least, the men had died, so didn’t have to witness the savage rapes inflicted upon the women of Eastern Germany—everyone from age 8 to 80 was made a victim, and many of the women were gangraped up to seventy times, in the majority of the cases by racially mixed Russians.

Then came the Hooton Plan, which stated that German men captured abroad weren’t allowed to return home, which forced German women to seek foreign husbands, who were imported for the purpose.

At least, that was the plan, to murder the German peoples with migration—and even if the plan wasn’t properly executed then, it is being executed now, for the open-border politics that ensued were nothing but a continuation of the Allieds’ policy to destroy Europeans with diversity.

Our worst enemies are now in charge of the European Commission, and without consulting the people, they have told over a 100 million black Africans, possibly up to a billion more, that they are welcome, and that European women, in accordance with the original Hooton Plan, shall be coaxed into having mixed offspring.

Then, finally, the collectivist world will have dealt its death blow to European humanity. Then, finally, the hyenas shall have driven the lions out of Europe.

Now you know the truth. Now you know we’ve been far too kind.

So, what are we going to do now?

If you want to be European, in a world where the tables have turned against you, I ask you to stop looking away, and face the grim state your civilization is in. I ask you to take the following to heart: your governments are in retreat, your people have been disempowered, you, too, are about to be disowned of land and property, while your economies are in decline, and the world around you is anticipating your downfall, and your women are cheering for enemy.

Your police forces and your military are dangerously understaffed and underfunded. Mainstream media only serve to keep you ignorant of your fate, until it is too late.

Instead, prepare yourself. Arm yourself. Find the underground. Build up local support and supply lines. Connect with the resistance.

“It isn’t necessary to wait until all conditions for an uprising exist; the insurrection can create them.” The mere fact that you chose to listen to me means you are the insurrection. You can create the conditions for your survival.

And if you still find it hard to believe that your politicians might someday strike a deal with the enemy to save their own skin, remind yourself every day that only hyenas fall in love with hyenas.

It’s us and them, now. It’s us against the world. The West has fallen—long live the West!

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