Unleash the storm!

If we’re supposed to be the “victors” of the Second World War, then how come it feels as though we’ve lost every other battle since?

The Battles Lost

At first, the winds of change came up in gentle gusts, but if the men who fought in that war were here today, they would not be able to recognize the Western world they died for. It is no longer a civilized region. We’ve been ravaged by progress. It has left both our cities and our morality in ruins.

When I was a boy, my teacher told me, if the Germans had won the war, we’d be speaking German. And I was glad I grew up in a liberated country, free to speak any language I pleased.

Indeed, when we run a few errands around our multicultural towns, nowadays, we won’t be bothered by a word of German. Everywhere we point our ears, we’re blown away by a cacophony of Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, and whatever mongrelized languages we hear coming from the gutters.

Entire neighborhoods have succumbed to diversity. But, so it is proclaimed, we are the lucky ones.

Just last week, by decree, France’s President Macron ordered schools to start teaching native kids Arabic. His visionary genius decided it’ll be a helpful tool for the last few French boys and girls, for in France’s major cities, children are already minorities living among a dominant Islamic culture. It is no different in any other major city in Western Europe.

Finally, we are free to leave our culture. And we’ve won freedom from religion, too. Native Western Europeans have become all but atheist, at long last freed from the oppressive evils of the Catholic church.

Since the war ended in 1945, a mighty desert wind has been raging across the West. The gusts of progress have brought the erosion of our values, turning century-old churches and cathedrals into bleached and tortured sculptures. And as they spontaneously combust in the background, a confident new people are seen outside kneeling before a ribbon cutting ceremony in honor of yet another mosque built on what was once considered Christian soil.

The benefits of being the victors don’t end there. No, we’ve won the lottery!

Schools around the formerly civilized world are sending kids on compulsory trips to the mosque to lecture them about religious tolerance, and, as part of the tour, to teach them how to kneel down before a foreign god. Our uncultured ancestors would have leapt for the wolves’ throats, but at least we may sheepishly flee the responsibilities we owe our youngest generation.

What if We Had Lost the War?

Praise the veiled women that we won the war, and not the Germans! For it was those dreaded Germans who so fanatically and ruthlessly set out to burn the books detailing how to manipulate grown men, women, and children into surrendering their gender. Our willing media have sold us the fiction that children can change their sex at will, as if they were choosing a favorite flavor of ice cream. Except, they can only choose once, for no matter how fluid they say gender has become, once the surgeon fells your Mr. Wilson, once he nips your melons in the bud, they’ll never grow back.

No, our victory over the Germans sent a fresh breeze of liberal morality through the modern world. Imagine how bad things would have been if we had lost the war? Hitler would never have allowed anyone to inflict such irreversible damage to our children’s genitals. Our leaders do, and want us to believe it is good. Western Europe and North America have become child brothels.

And I guess I would have to be speaking to you in German, then, had they won—Flink wie Windhunde, zäh wie Leder, hart wie Kruppstahl—but so would everyone else, and we’d all be able to have a conversation: a deeply needed conversation about the disturbing relationship between our media and our mental health. Why is it that the blab-mouths in media will only refer to some science if it backs their proclamations, but will ignore all science when it does not?

The people in media fancy themselves the self-styled shepherds of humanity, sent to Earth from the heavens to be our examples. They’ve sold us the sexual liberation that was no more than a liberation from a reproductively healthy lifestyle. If we hadn’t listened to the feminist revolutionaries—the women who convinced us having children was an act of oppression—our mothers would be the ones sending their sons abroad to populate the rest of the world, and we’d be the ones receiving the checks they’d send back home, rather than to Mexico.

Our mainstream media have become a rotting corpse that refuses to be buried, while its unbearable stench never ceases to suffocate our sanity. If it weren’t for the media, we wouldn’t have to be confronted with most sickening artforms that drive us to despair merely by looking at them, as if modern art has become a weapon of choice in the psychological warfare being waged against us. Art should strengthen us. Art should make us feel as though something or someone is out there looking after us, that we are not alone in the universe, after all.

Life under Foreign Occupation

Imagine if we had lost the war, and the German virus had spread across the globe. We would be living in dreadfully homogenous societies with little ethnic diversity; though, instead, we would have had a diversity of opinion and belief. We would have had unique personalities, and freedom, rather than repression of thought and feeling. People would be able to trust their kinsmen beyond their close family of familiar faces.

Boys would become great boxers by age eight, girls would know how to bake a cake, and no one would take offense. But we didn’t win the war, did we? We really did lose. International socialism beat the Germans, the West, and the world. A whirlwind of progressive destruction that followed has been plowing through our lands since.

At present, we are living under foreign occupation. Both left and right, our nations have been colonized by cliques of Middle-Eastern parasites, always working to impose their disturbing ideas onto us. And the strangest thing is, our enemies haven’t told us yet that we’ve been conquered. They never even declared the war, for this was, from the start, a war of deception. We’ve fallen for it!

Our governments have been hijacked; our economies have been wrecked. We’ve been made serfs to a system that devours human souls.


As the dust of progress continues to slap us in the face, our authorities are fluttering in the wind. Helplessly, police and government appear to be siding with immigrant grooming gangs predating on our children. Authorities are frantically trying to keep a lid on the girls’ testimonies, in a last-ditch attempt to prevent an all-out race war, for that is what would happen if the facts received the same media attention as some popstar’s new haircut.

But plenty of the people know, and they are raging mad, demanding something be done. If we are on our own now, with no one in power able to defend our rights, and no one showing a willingness to win victories for our peoples, then, no longer protected by our nations, we, at once, receive the right to defend ourselves.

Henceforth, white men shall have to learn to pack punches again. Punches that kill, and we should keep throwing punches until we’ve put ourselves back in charge of the nations our forebears warred for. For we are determined to defend our lives by all means necessary, whether or not the rest of the world thinks we have a right to.

The dangers facing us are gigantic; gigantic our resolve shall be. The time has come to take off our silk gloves.

“As the Christian view of the world loses its authority, the more menacingly will the ‘blond beast’ be heard prowling about in its underground prison, ready at any moment to burst out with devastating consequences.”

Indeed, we, the peoples of the West shall unite as in a flash of thunder, and unleash the storm!

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