Biden Voters More Than Twice As Wealthy As Trump Voters

In the 2020 U.S. election, a bit more than half of the voters supported Joe Biden. But they represented about 70% of the U.S. economy. Trump supporters represented only about 29% of the economy. This means Biden voters are the privileged class. They control more than twice as much economic wealth as their Republican opponents.

This insight stands at odds with the widespread notion that white Trump voters are oppressive racists who control “all the money”. In reality, it’s white Biden voters who controll most of that 70% of the economy. Trump voters generally hail from poorer, rural areas where communities are smaller, whereas Biden voters are from larger counties and the big cities.

Trump voters are, in fact, the underprivileged class. They are mostly working-class white people who are missing out on the economy, as their (more often rural) incomes have remained stagnant for decades while big-city incomes have skyrocketed.

Even though minorities, and other people who traditionally see themselves as underprivileged, have repeatedly claimed the Republican Party is the party of white men, racism, greed, and oppression, the opposite is true. The very rich white men who are the upper middle class and who control most of the U.S. economy tend to support Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Mainstream media have got it all wrong. Trump voters are economic losers trying to win back the freedoms their parents once had. Richer Democrat voters are laughing in their faces while Antifa thugs are burning down their cities. It does not look good.

Billionaire Donald Trump really was an unlikely working-class hero. And the people who voted for him will never forget that.


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