Busted: Pfizer’s Covid ‘Vaccines’ Won’t Cure the Flu But Will Change Your DNA

Change You Better Believe In

Out of all the weird covid news, something *really* weird caught my eye (brought by this Belgian mainstream outlet), namely that the new covid vaccines released by Pfizer have to be transported at minus 70 degrees Celcius (or -94 Fahrenheit). But that makes no sense for what ought to be an ordinary flu shot. Flu shots can be stored at just above freezing temperatures, 2-8 °C (36-48 F). What, then, is so weirdly different about the Pfizer covid vaccines?

Well, the the new covid vaccines contain RNAse, which has to be stored in freezing cold. RNAse is an RNA-based enzyme which changes the target’s DNA. The “vaccine” changes your DNA. These aren’t flu shots. These aren’t vaccines. These are chemicals used to change an entire population’s genetic makeup. Apparently, our globalist overlords are in a hurry to push the greatest genocide in human history. “For your own good.”

The new covid vaccine released by Pfizer isn’t a vaccine. It’s a DNA-altering chemical. RNAse is an enzyme that uses RNA strands to create new DNA during cell division. That means, once you’ve taken the covid “vaccine”, your very DNA is going to change. Forever. And these changes will be passed on to your offspring, since the changes are stored in men’s testicles (which regenerate sperm every ejaculation or every 40 days).

Normally, a flu shot means you will be injected with a small dose of the disease so that your body can develop proper antibodies to combat the disease in the future. That being so, it has made no sense whatsoever to tell people to do social distancing and wear facemasks, supposedly to stop people from getting infected in the first place, when getting you infected is exactly what a vaccine would do anyway.

It’s why officials now say teenagers should get the vaccine first since they may still have offspring of their own when they are older. It won’t end with a single shot. The DNA-alteration programme will likely last for several years, namely to compound several additional changes to your DNA, one shot at a time.

The rapid testing facilities are, in fact, DNA-testing facilities. These offer a way to keep track of the DNA-alteration program’s progress. As more and more people are given the vaccine, people will still be require to be tested (for changing reasons). That way, observers can see the desired genetic changes pread through the populations.

‘Change’ was the buzzword of many recent U.S. elections. Change is good for you. So good, we’re going to change your DNA. Since you didn’t want to dissolve your people in race-mixing activities, we’re going to do it for you. Now behold! the covid vaccine several decades in the making, since even before there was covid: It’s an RNAse “vaccine”. Meaning, it’s a chemical that uses RNA strands to change your DNA.

You are the virus, the chemical is the cure. Considering the globalist agenda, this chemical will likely make you and your future offspring more “diverse”. This is it. This is the end. This is how a globalist elite finally got the best of us. They are going to erase our ethnic DNA, the thing that makes us racially different. Forever, and turn us into a homogenized humanity devoid of any individual difference.

If you, like me, can’t stomach this, then rise up. A violent death may be more rewarding than to be turned into a human fly.

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