Cancel Culture and the Genocide of ‘Surplus’ White Men

In The Netherlands, measures against the coronavirus have, surprisingly, lead to a host of victories for the cancel culture. For example, this coming New Years’ Eve, the Dutch are forbidden to set off any fireworks. We are awaiting a lockdown with a curfew. Not wearing your facemask will cost you a €95 Euro fine. It has also been announced that the consumption of alcohol may be forbidden. The government advises citizens to keep Christmas celebrations small and private.

Next, our Saint-Nicholas tradition has been all but banned, and the Saint’s helper, Black Pete, has been outlawed under pressure from ignorant (leftish) American observers. Next year’s Carnival festivities shall not take place, due to covid.

But most poignantly, public depictions of white men have been all but removed from shop windows. A stroll around any of The Netherlands’ medium-sized cities learns that white men are no longer being advertized to. They have disappeared from public spaces. Most shop windows nowadays protray only imagery of white women, minority women, minority men, and the occasional pet. But no white men and no white boys. White males have been effectively de-personed from public Dutch culture.

It is no different on TV. Even our soccer teams have been ‘diversified’ to the point where Negroe players make up over 50% of the team members, despite representing fewer than 3% of the population. (Our minority majority are Muslims, Asians, Indians, and Arabs.) “Journalists” and minority authors frequently fulminate against white men’s alleged power, dominance, and superiority. They speak of these qualities as though they were real. Perhaps they are real, and perhaps generally weaker minorities feel threatened by strong white men.

Nevertheless, the fear of whiteness pushes the opponents of ‘surplus’ white men to resort to manipulation, deception, and trickery. If they cannot (yet) beat white soldiers and officers in street fights, they must do it covertly, in ways white men don’t yet understand. It means to slowly, but deliberately, begin to make white men a demographic minority.

No wonder that massive, and I mean massive immigration efforts have brought us to a point where minority under-five-year-olds are now the majority in every major Dutch city (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague). Even in my own town, immigrants now make up about 25 to 30 percent of the population, compared to 2 or 3 percent during the 1990s.

In The Netherlands, the race-mixing propaganda is so extreme (in film, TV, and advertising) that one rarely catches a white couple anymore. And it’s usually the white man who is being left out or has been replaced with a minority figure.

Then there’s the housing market. Native white Dutch couples generally cannot afford the average cost of a house in The Netherlands, which is about €300,000 Euros or about 330,000$ USD. Even if both members of the couple hold steady jobs, they cannot afford to buy a house. The salaries are too low to become home-owners (unless you are willing to move into a shitty flat in a minority-dominated neighborhood).

And if the couple have two jobs, they have already priced themselves out of the market for subsidized housing. It’s a tantalizing condition to be making too little to buy a house yet too much to be eligible for subsidized housing. In effect, young white couples in The Netherlands simply cannot find proper housing to start a family. So, they first have to spend many years saving up. They have to put up with shitty housing, or they will have to spend many more years living with their parents, often until into their mid-to-late 20s.

At the same time, any ‘immigrant’ (illegally) coming from outside of the EU to The Netherlands has the right, by law, to move into a housing unit within six weeks after arrival. While white Dutch couples have to wait up to 5-to-10 years before they may move into a subsidized home, jobless immigrants who arrived fewer than six weeks ago are given priority-lane access. And they aren’t getting the shittier homes. They are getting newly-built homes fitted with modern amenities.

In fact, of the past 50,000 new homes built in The Netherlands, all of them were awarded to immigrants, asylum seekers, or non-natives. And in many cases, these houses were awarded to single black males. On top of that, white babyboomers tend to be the ones buying second and third homes in order to rent them out, at a premium, to those very white couples who might have been their own children or grandchildren.

The effect of all these catastrophic conditions is easy to grasp. If you’re a white Dutch native and you wish to start a family at a relatively young age (meaning before age 30), your best options are to move to Eastern Europe while freelancing for clients in the West. The Netherlands has become dead ground. It is generally not possible for white Dutch women to have children before age 25, and it is unaffordable for most to have more than 2 children, despite The Netherlands being known as a socialist workers’ paradise (it is not).

Unlike white Dutch men, the women have one alternative course of action. Since immigrant men are given priority access to housing and jobs (over more qualified white men), white women are increasingly seizing the opportunity to move in with their immigrant black men. Hey, if he pays the bills, who cares if the kids come out looking like Shrek or Medusa?

With the deliberate and ongoing erasure of Catholic and Protestant Dutch culture, and while promoting white women rather become lesbians or have interracial babies, the stage has been set for the genocide of white men, and consequently the gencode of white women, too.

Now, how would such a genocide be executed? In broad daylight, with gas chambers? Firing squads?

It is more likely that that coming genocide of white men shall take place gradually, namely through increasingly aggressive vaccinations for “the flu” that slowly change white men’s DNA until the majority have become infertile. The covid scare may very well be the start of such a series of vaccinations, a front for white genocide.

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