‘Health’ as Newspeak for Infertility

How Bill Gates Plans to Combat Overpopulation By Making You Take ‘Medicine’ that Makes You Infertile

In a video starring Microsoft-founder and former CEO Bill Gates, the billionaire-turned-philanthropist claims that “the faster we improve [children’s] health, the faster family size goes down”. He means to combat global overpopulation by reducing family size. If we could only improve health conditions for children around the world, mothers, specifically from Third-World nations, would voluntarily decide to have fewer children.

But the statement that women will have fewer children if their children are healthier isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is true, and Bill Gates’ statement is a fine example of a Nazi euphemism. (Nazi’s, for example, were known to give people “special treatment” when they meant to have them shot.)

Let Me Backtrack a Bit

Looking at the world today, we can observe that wealthier women in the Western world do tend to have fewer children. Poorer women living in Central Africa are currently having 6 to 8 children per woman, whereas in Europe, native white women are having fewer than 2 children per woman. The African population is expected to balloon to over 4 billion black people before the end of this century. During that same period, Europe’s native population is expected to shrink by half.

The belief fthat improved economic and medical conditions will somehow convince women to have fewer children, however, is false. Even though rich women indeed have fewer children, they don’t have fewer children because they are rich. Women are rich because they have fewer children, thereby saving resources. Women in Central Africa aren’t having a dozen kids because they are poor. They are poor because they have been having way too many children, thereby depleting available resources.

It is a left-wing meme that overpopulation can be controlled by giving African mothers more wealth and improved health. So, leftist thinkers come to the false conclusion that the First World must share its wealth with the Third World in order to combat poverty and overpopulation.

These thinkers couldn’t be more wrong. Giving African mothers more wealth will only make them have more children, and they won’t stop until the world’s resources have been depleted. That is because white women have developed a certain level of self-control (due to a culturally imposed sense of guilt and shame over the Second World War) lacking in more impulsive African women (who also had nothing to do with the war).

In The Netherlands, for example, white women began taking contraceptive medication around the year 1970. By 1990, the contraceptives had proven so effective that the native Dutch population literally stopped growing. The Dutch capped off their native population size at around 12 to 13 million inhabitants. But through ballooning immigration and subsequent immigrant offspring, the population continued to grow to about 17 million people.

Indeed, The Netherlands now houses more than 5.2 million first- and second-generation immigrants, and that is excluding third and fourth generations. Native (white) Dutch society only became wealthy after the Second World War, and mainly because white women limited their family sizes to, on average, fewer than 2 children per household. Presently, white Dutch women are having around 1.5 children per household.

That means a large number of young white Dutch women aren’t having any children at all! (Enter: the LGBT “lifestyle”.)

Dutch people are rich because they limited their family sizes and concentrated their wealth. Fewer children means less dilution when it comes to inheritances. Spreading $100,000 over ten children means each get $10,000. Spreading $100,000 over just two children means each gets $50,000, or five times as much per child. And so, wealth has been increasing for Dutch citizens, but mainly due to their strict adherence to a 2-children-per-woman policy.

Back to Bill Gates’ Statement

Bill Gates is in complete denial of these facts, namely that having more children leads to poverty, but that poverty does not lead to more children. If we observe, therefore, that black Central African woman are much poorer today than, say, white Dutch women, we must conclude that Dutch women have been having far less children than African women.

Indeed, this is so. White women in The Netherlands have been having no more than 2 children per woman (on average) since 1970, for almost half a century. Black women in Central Africa have been having 6 to 12 children per woman ever since. And that is why Central Africa is relatively poor. Their massive blackoffspring has been eating up all available resources, and then some.

Europe’s white women have been saving so much money by limiting their birth-rate that they could even afford to send money to Africa to “alleviate poverty”–a poverty caused by black women’s very own insatiable need for children! In other words, while white women have been restricting their birth channels, they were funding black women’s higher birth-rates.

Now, I know Bill Gates is a lot smarter than people take him for. Bill Gates knows this. He knows what I just explained to you. So, why does he, and why do many other leftish thinkers, turn matters upside down? Because Bill Gates and the Globalists need an incentive to get people to stop having children altogether. And that incentive is “health”.

Get it?

Maybe you don’t get it. Maybe if I promised you great health and ample wealth, you’d happily surrender your right to have children. That’s exactly what Bill Gates is after. “Health” is the newspeak for infertility. In the future, “healthy individuals” will be the ones who aren’t having children. Pregnancies will be considered a disease to be cured with a drug.

Make women “healthy” again by making them infertile. Watch that Covid19 “vaccine”. It’s not a vaccine. It’s medication to cure you of your fertility.

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