A Decentralized Platform for Permissionless Innovation

Introducing Creative Patents

“Mont Blanc” by Tom Fahy  |  CC BY-NC-ND

“Creative Patents democratize technology ownership. Instead of patents that enforce an exclusive owner, Creative Patents irreversibly make technology available to all mankind, thus rendering proprietary patents obsolete. To accelerate collaboration, inventors can store their technology blueprints on a decentralized ledger anyone can access. Anyone can ‘fork’ or ‘clone’ a Creative Patent — like a GitHub of things — and pursue commercial application, without


A World without Owners

Why We Submitted to Financial Slavery and How We Can Be Free Again

Photo by Moyan Brenn | CC BY-NC

We all enjoy modern technological advances, whether it’s the internet or our favorite cereal brand. But the way society is organized today has captured our individual productivity in the benefit of financial elites. If we had not surrendered our productivity, we could earn up to four times as much wealth as we do today. The solution is to break away from centralized hierarchies towards smart decentralization. And we still get to keep our modern benefits.

Background: Bitcoin’s Innovation


The Decentralize Everything Manifesto

Let’s Unwind the Unfair Structures that Govern Our Lives

Most of us believe that hardworking people are rewarded for their talents and for the risks they are willing to take. But the power elites of modern societies successfully centralized the people’s productivity in corporate ‘farms’, which they own. For example, in 2013 Apple paid 76% ($37B) of its profits to shareholders, while more than 50,000 hardworking employees scrambled for a piece of the remaining 24% ($9B), including...

Money, Power and Influence 

Which Should You Live For?

Photo by Michael Fruehmann | CC BY-NC-SA

In this short article I give my views on money, power and influence. Which should you live for?


According to behavioral science, money makes Americans happier up to a gross annual income of $60,000. Beyond that, money does not make you happier unless you spend it on others. Money has a fail-safe device: the law of diminishing returns. The more you work for money, the less you earn. The car that is twice as luxury costs ten times as much, not twice as much. The lives of...

The Skill to Learn Any Skill

If we take man as he really is, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him [then] we promote him to what he really can be. (Victor Frankl)

Reflecting on a decade of my professional life, I find that I accumulated many different skills. My various endeavors often had little relation to one another. But the one thing I did do consistently and continuously was learning the skill to learn any skill. In this article I’d like to share with you my understanding so far....

Becoming Your True Self

Reflection on the Suicide of a Former High School Classmate

La Suicidé (1877-1881) / Édouard Manet

Recently, one of my former high school classmates committed suicide by leaping off his apartment balcony. The eerie thing about the internet is that his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles lived on. I had not been in touch for nearly fifteen years, but I was tempted to have a look.

The thing that worried me was his show of pride for supposedly having graduated high school — because I knew he had not. He had flunked the final year, had not been allowed to redo it and was forced to get a job. To keep up...

He Who Marches Out of Step Hears Another Drum

What I Learned From Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest

Freedom of Expression by Christian Mayrhofer | CC BY-NC-ND

Man is not born perfect. We have good and bad sides, but he who dares not show his bad side isn’t worth his good. Whoever suppresses the evil in him only lives half. But half a man is not a man. And therein lies the cause of modern diseases such as depression: society dictates we should oppress ourselves and be mindful of others, but self-oppression kills our spirit.

In the overpopulated world we live in, we submit ourselves to mandatory adjustment to fellow human beings, rather than finding the...

Bitcoin’s Sellout to Big Government and Big Business

Source: “good side” by kPluto | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When I joined the Bitcoin community late 2012, I thought I had joined the Rebellion. We weren’t going to rebuild the financial industry with new technology, but undermine it, returning financial power into the hands of We the People. We would build a global payment mechanism, circumvent central banks, do without central government regulation and service the unbanked while we were at it. The Bitcoin Dream promised to give people back ownership over their finances, freeing...

The Trump Card

Will Americans Play to Win?

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore | CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy offers Americans one unique asset. Unrestricted by lobbyists or PAC owners, the self-funded real-estate mogul can afford the political freedom he needs to restore the promise of the American Dream—self-determination for all.

America a Prophecy

The times, they are a-changing. As global economies are rapidly reaching limits to growth, with some Western...

Intelligent Atheism

Why Richard Dawkins is Doing it Wrong

Richard Dawkins, popular author of books on topics of evolution, biology and religion, such as The God Delusion, is probably today’s best known promotor of atheism. Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, a phycisist, travel the world promoting a ‘scientific worldview’ as filmmaker Werner Herzog calls it.

But rather than focusing on why (religious) dogma is wrong I believe the focus should be why science is right. I take this from a book by Ricardo Semler that mentions a truck salesman’s failing efforts to...