The Progressive Left’s Repressed Colonial Attitudes

Over drinks with a progressive colleague, I disagreed with his opinion that white people, Westerners, have a “moral obligation” to help the rest of the world, as if to make up for past wrongs (e.g. slavery, colonialism, nazism). Although I support tearing down international trade barriers and even dropping Third World debt to the West, and while I wish for Third World nations to achieve equal or exceeding levels of wealth, I reject the Western guilt complex that shames us into submission to the Faith of...

On Skill and Talent

When we reject people it is often because we failed to recognize their worth. The reason is that we confuse skill with talent. Many people who have a great skill in a certain area, for example a certain programming language, are frustrated to be reduce to just that skill. Higher-ups, people in management positions and even co-workers will mistake that specific skill with your whole personality.

Mentioning that you are good at programming Python suddenly...

The End of US Dollar Hegemony

Towards a World Reserve Crypto Currency?

Source: Thoughtful Cynic

Statements that the Western world unjustly controls or consumes the majority of the world’s wealth overlook the production side of the argument. For example, with a population of 317 million -or about 4.5% of the total world population of 7 billion- the United States produce 22% of all world output, the world’s largest market share. It is not entirely unfair to own a large share of wealth if you produce it yourself.

But production requires access to or...

The Bubble Index

Where Bitcoin Will Go Next

According to the latest financial research stock bubbles are the result of endogenous factors, such as positive feedback loops or simply monkey see monkey do. We can apply this research to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices.

Mid November 2013 I was able to correctly predict Bitcoin’s imminent December crash using a Log-Periodic Power Law (LPPL) oscillations tool. I had asked T. Taylor of The Bubble Index ...

Lessons Learned from a Botched Bitcoin Startup

How eCash became eCrash

Late 2013 I founded a Bitcoin payments company, eCash BV, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Admitting defeat, we dissolved the company early 2015. What went wrong, why and what did we learn? To counter survivorship bias, I wish to share and document lessons learned.

Bitcoin as a Payment ...

Can Bitcoin Resist Being Hijacked by Corporate Interests?

Photo by peterras / CC BY-NC-SA

The Bitcoin software core is currently being managed by no more than a handful of volunteers. In comparison, Microsoft employs thousands of developers fulltime to build their flagship OS. Can Bitcoin’s core development resist being hijacked by corporate interests?

The years 2013...

Is Bitcoin Money?

Photo by zcopley / CC BY-SA

I recently attended two discussions of the Amsterdam Bitcoin community about the question whether Bitcoin is money. A commercial Bitcoin company set the community in motion after launching an effort to overturn a recent court ruling that Bitcoin was not money, the ‘Bitcoin is Geld’ initiative (...

Innovation for Oppression

Herd Control or Crowd Defense?

The Commit/ event in Amsterdam hosted a demo market showcasing Big Data innovation. This so-called ‘public-private research community’ of mostly PhD students showing off their graduation projects gives a clear indication of the direction new data technology is pursuing.

But I could not stop noticing that some of these innovations are...

Bitcoin, the Future Gold Standard?

If there really existed a ‘lost city of gold’ then the abundance of gold would have no more value than mere concrete or red bricks. What makes gold valuable? Gold’s inherent value is based on three characteristics: scarcity, the difficulty to obtain new gold through increasingly expensive mining operations, and the high cost to forge gold in meaningful quantities. Just like Bitcoin.

However, successful ...