Freedom in Blockchains

How Bitcoin’s Technology Transcends Class Interest

Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx (1515–1524) by Joachim Patinir

Will Bitcoin’s underlying technology be able to free the people from financial slavery? Or will proprietary blockchain algorithms imprison people as serfs in a high-tech feudal state? Transcending class interest, I believe decentralized ledger technology can provide a mutual benefit to both the people and its ruling classes.

Bitcoin’s Historical Promise

In the early days, decentralized internet money...

A Mental Fish Trap

What Happens When the Left Conflates Equality with Sameness

Just because media and academia lean to the left politically, it doesn’t mean the left’s worldview is right, especially when much of the left has grounded its thinking in self-delusion. For some time now, the left has been spinning a most dangerous mental ‘fish trap’ that Western societies appear unable to escape from, namely by conflating equality with sameness

There’s a serious and possibly fatal consequence attached to this, at...

Hillary Who?

The Free World Demands a Visible Leader

In the early nineties, I used to play a CD-ROM game called Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Today, one could re-release that game as a Pokémon Go clone, asking players to go looking for Hillary Clinton. They’ll never find her. She’s invisible.

At the time of writing, Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference for over 270 days straight. An apparent part of her campaign...

The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery

Idealism or Corruption?

World Bank Photo Collection | CC BY-NC-ND

In line with President Vladimir Putin’s vision for the future, between 2009 and 2013, Russian investors acquired a Canadian mining company. That company, later known as Uranium One, traded in the material needed for nuclear weapons and power plants. It also controlled 20% of the total US uranium production.

It was Hillary Clinton, at the time serving under President Obama as Secretary of State, and now running to be the first...

The Promise of Eternal Life

A Hands-On Review of Christianity

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London | CC BY-NC-ND

As a life-long “atheist” (I prefer to say: someone who doesn’t fall for organized religion) in search of spiritual renewal, I decided to take a hands-on look at the world’s great religions and belief systems. In this article: Christianity.

Stumbling into Westminster Cathedral, London, a man dressed in white robes I...

The False Promise of Future Gains

The Cynical Truth about What Really Drives Human Behavior

Monte Carlo by Julien REBOULET | CC BY-NC

When I was an intern at a major car manufacturer in southeastern Germany, I asked another intern colleague why he had decided to apply. The colleague held hopes the internship would land him a full-time job, because it came with a new company car once every two years. He had reasoned that, if he would not get a company car, he would end up spending most of his future savings to afford them anyway. He worked relentlessly to prove himself and even extended his unpaid internship by...

The Self-Hatred that Derailed Kip Kinkel

Tragedy at Thurston High School

On May 21st, 1998, fifteen-year-old Kip Kinkel shot dead both of his parents. By car, he drove to school and opened fire on his classmates. Before the police overpowered him, he killed two students and wounded 25. The search for his true motives begins with a farewell letter he left behind after the murder of his parents, “I am a horrible son. I wish I had been aborted. I destroy everything I touch. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I didn’t deserve [my parents].”...

An Indirect Murder in Alaska

How a False Self-Image Pushed Christopher McCandless to His Death

Replica van de "magic bus". Foto door Madeleine Deaton | CC BY

On September 6th, 1992, hunters found a young man’s decomposing body in the deserted wilderness of Alaska. They would later find out it was the body of 24-year-old ‘Chris’ (Christopher) McCandless, who since 1990 had completely cut all ties with his parents, sister and family. Since the start of the year when he was found, Chris had been living off wild plants and the animals he shot dead with his rifle. His story became known to the general public after writer Jon Krakauer...

The Emancipation of the Child

Is It Too Much to Ask to Treat Children as Human Beings?

Foto door Trevor Klatko. | CC BY-NC

On March 12th, 2015, British newspaper The Times opened the front page with an article on the extent of the mental health crisis among children. The children involved are those that hurt themselves, that suffer from depression or other disorders. According to experts, the causes would lie in the consequences of “exam stress, school bullying and social media”.

Beyond Conditional Love

Healing Childhood Maltreatment by Breaking Through the Wall of Ignorance

Kinderen der zee (1872) door Jozef Israëls | Rijksmuseum

Every day, the news shows us hotbeds of violence in the world. We are powerless against war, but according to psychoanalyst Alice Miller the roots of violence are not unknown. People only learn to pass on hate and violence to others when they have experienced those things as victims first, especially as a child. Maltreated children learn that they must suppress their true feelings of anger and pain, because under no condition may they lose their parent’s love. Subsequently, they repress the memories of that pain from their memory, but that doesn’t mean the pain heals or disappears.