High Treason

How 15 Years of US Military Intervention in the Middle East Surrendered Europe to Islam

Destruction, painting by Thomas Cole

Recently, Russia launched another attack to “bomb the shit out of ISIS”, as Donald Trump would say. The question is, why hasn’t the Obama administration done the same? If the US wanted to take out the Islamic State, they could have done so easily. Is there perhaps truth to Trump’s claim that President Obama and then secretary of state Hillary Clinton ...

The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery

Idealism or Corruption?

World Bank Photo Collection | CC BY-NC-ND

In line with President Vladimir Putin’s vision for the future, between 2009 and 2013, Russian investors acquired a Canadian mining company. That company, later known as Uranium One, traded in the material needed for nuclear weapons and power plants. It also controlled 20% of the total US uranium production.

It was Hillary Clinton, at the time serving under President Obama as Secretary of State, and now running to be the first...

The Right to Identity

The Islamization of Europe, a Crime against Humanity?

A Sami man and child in Finnmark, Norway, circa 1900

In a shocking interview, German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble admitted he believed opening his country’s borders could save Germans from “degeneration through inbreeding”. He hopes to achieve this goal by actively mixing German genes with those of Arabs and Northern Africans. Perhaps the mass rapes that took place in Cologne and other cities last new year’s eve are just what...

Erasmus's War against the Turks

A Warning from the Past

Painting by Hans Holbein

To enslave a people, one must first erase the memory it has of its own history. That’s how European colonials had succeeded in converting entire African peoples to Christianity. In doing so, the subjugated had not only lost their older pagan faith, but had in many cases even forgotten their mother tongue. Even now, for example, hundreds of millions of Africans speak French, English, Dutch, a blend or a derivative of a European language. As a result, many have lost their...

Swedish Pride

Moral Superpower or Jealous Neighbor?

Nordic Summer (1900) by Richard Bergh | Wikipedia

The Kungsleden is an over 250 mile long hiking trail through Europe’s last wilderness. The trail beings north of the polar circle in the Swedish town of Abisko. There, the trail snakes southward across Swedish Lapland, where herds of reindeer and moose, and lynxes and bears get in each others’ way. The hike rewards the wanderer with breathtaking views, desolate mountain valleys, and wild streams of melting snow water that debouch into lakes and rivers. These are the veins...

The Reality of Race

People Really Are Just Like Dogs

The family of Laocoon entwined in coils of DNA | Wellcome Collection

Race is human construct. A ‘tree’ is human construct too, like everything else people have given a name. Even the idea of human construct is itself a construct. But such abstractions help support scientists like Bill Nye in their claim that race is anything but real. Comparing humans and dogs, Nye concludes, “There is no...

The World Population Bubble

We Can Still Cancel the Apocalypse

Sisteen chapel painting by Leonardo DaVinci

“We, at the height, are ready to decline.” — Shakespeare

Civilizations come and go. History recorded the rise and fall of dozens of peoples and their societies, among others Ancient Egypt, Old Greece, the Roman Empire, and more recently, the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. So, we, at the height, have to wonder: Is the modern world immune to collapse? The possibility that it might not be spells worry. In his book The Collapse of Complex Societies (...

The Fading Song of the West

O my Hiawatha!

An illustration by Frederick Remington for the poem, 1889.

“O my Hiawatha! All your prayers are heard in heaven, For you pray not like the others; Not for greater skill in hunting, Not for greater craft in fishing, Not for triumph in the battle, Nor renown among the warriors, But for profit of the people, For advantage of the nations.”

These lines were taken from the epic poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written in 1855. That year, in a time when political...

Open Borders for Capitalism

Why Multinational Corporations Aim to Deconstruct National Government

Photo by Stephen Weppler | CC BY-NC-ND

“Are capitalism and communism not both in the process of converging into a neo-feudalism, led and manipulated by big, powerful bureaucracies in which the individual loses his humanity?” — Erich Fromm

For centuries, national governments, or nation-states, have pursued a business model of taxing their citizens’ productivity in exchange for the oft...

The Promise of Eternal Life

A Hands-On Review of Christianity

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London | CC BY-NC-ND

As a life-long “atheist” (I prefer to say: someone who doesn’t fall for organized religion) in search of spiritual renewal, I decided to take a hands-on look at the world’s great religions and belief systems. In this article: Christianity.

Stumbling into Westminster Cathedral, London, a man dressed in white robes I...