Hillary Who?

The Free World Demands a Visible Leader

In the early nineties, I used to play a CD-ROM game called Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Today, one could re-release that game as a Pokémon Go clone, asking players to go looking for Hillary Clinton. They’ll never find her. She’s invisible.

At the time of writing, Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference for over 270 days straight. An apparent part of her campaign strategy, she avoids the press intentionally and keeps public appearances to a bare minimum. She clearly prefers taking selfies with Hollywood superstars to supporting Louisiana’s flood victims. Is she still in the race or has she conceded the presidency to Trump already?

In contrast, Donald Trump is everywhere. He’s a workaholic. Not a day goes by without The Donald meeting with minority leaders, discussing his policies in lengthy interviews, dominating social media, and holding rallies, sometimes twice a day, drawing four- and five-figure crowds. Stunningly, in between his speeches, he’s even telling foreign leaders such as Mexican President Nieto to their face that America has the right to secure its border.

So why is Hillary hiding? Or rather, what is she hiding? As the invisible woman, she seems to rely on scaremongering tactics, having recently accused Trump of having a “dark heart”. Trump is “uninformed”, Trump is “dangerous”, Trump is yada yada yada. In her own little fantasy world, not just Trump, but now all of his supporters supposedly are racists, which makes you wonder why she’d want racists to vote for her instead. 

Two can play that game. Underneath her bright pink, blue and yellow tutu costumes the Witch of Washington is probably wearing a brown shirt. I can already hear the black boots marching along the National Mall. Jawohl!

But seriously, her campaign strategy makes no sense. If Hillary Clinton can’t handle a single press conference to face questions about her, admittedly, ever more expanding email scandal, then how will she fare as President of the United States? If she can’t trump Trump, a man whom she calls a “clown”, then how will she respond when Russian strongman Putin — who’s probably read all of her emails—starts calling her weak?

I’m obliged to say that it’s not that Clinton is weak because she is a woman. It’s that she happens to be a woman who is very weak. As a trove of leaked emails now suggest, as a result of severe concussions, Hillary Clinton may be physically unfit and mentally too absent to run the country. Having endless coughing fits and semi-epileptic spasms recorded on camera, along with a personal medical doctor following her every footstep, one gets worried she might not survive the elections. 

Even if half of Hillary’s health concerns are true, they are definitely not part of the requirement of being a strong leader who is expected to guide the United States out of economic depression.

More importantly, though, on a content level, Clinton is as politically weak as she is physically frail. She simply has no content. She hasn’t offered any realistic solutions to reform immigration. She hasn’t laid out a single plan to create jobs for inner city minorities. No wonder then that some black people whose votes have been taken for granted are happily tuning in to Trump’s message to get them off that plantation.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will ultimately lock in an anti-American, globalist ideology that is not just hurting America, but the whole world as well. It’s a suicidal ideology propelled by the left’s top intellectual, Noam Chomsky, according to whom both the United States and the West represent “the greatest waste of resources in human history”. Chomsky and billionaire philanthropist George Soros don’t hide the fact that they seek to bring down America from within.

If elected, Hillary Clinton will lead Americans to mass harakiri, ritual suicide. Diametrically opposed, Donald Trump is telling the American people to stop letting themselves be bullied into obedience and shamed into silence. The silent majority has found its voice. The free world demands a visible leader. From the Kennedy half century, we are entering the Trump millennium.

If Trump succeeds in making America great again, he will be remembered as the savior of the West. No one will remember Hillary.


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