Hollywood, Dunkirk and Russia

Liberal Media Want to Teach Millennial Men to Commit Suicide — Just Say No

Dunkirk | National Maritime Museum, UK

Image: Dunkirk | National Maritime Museum, UK

Younger generations are always sent to war by older generations, but the problem is that the young are unaware of war’s true motives. They end up sacrificing themselves for reasons that are not theirs.

Despite that some moviegoers may complain about Hollywood’s latest production, Dunkirk, because it doesn’t portray enough women and people of color (because there weren’t any), the movie is actually a classic example of Hollywood deception.

Judging from the trailer, Dunkirk wants to teach young, millennial men how to sacrifice themselves in a war. In one scene, a young man walks into the ocean, clearly to commit suicide. In another scene, we see a map of Dunkirk completely surrounded by Nazi forces.

All of this is pure psychological programming. Seen from the North Pole, Russia surrounds all of Europe and America. If climate change continues to melt the Earth’s polar ice, Russia may gain a strategic military avantage. It means Russia could someday attack Europe and America from the north.

The Russia threat may or may not be real. But it is a very big deal to Western globalists. It is one of the reasons why mainstream media (CNN, WaPo, NYT, etc.) already incessantly blame Russia for the world’s problems.

There are other reasons why globalists hate Russia. Since the Second World War, globalists have actively sought to establish a global open society, which is one no one can escape from. The United States was supposed to become the seat of a World Government, but, since Donald Trump’s election, much progress has been reversed.

Globalists, such as George Soros, are now abandoning this plan, pointing their attention to the European Union instead. In any case, it is clear that Russia doesn’t ever want to become a part of someone else’s global empire. To get what they want, globalists have decided that Russia needs a “regime change”.

Regime change (supposedly to “bring democracy”) has been at the heart of US foreign policy for over half a century. As former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had a role in orchestrating, we’ve seen regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Iran and Russia are next, and they know it. Putin has read the book The Grand Chessboard, which calls Russia nothing but a “gas station”, fueling Iran’s regime. Topple the one and topple the other.

But who, then, are supposed to fight in the war against Russia? Syrian refugees? Of course not. The answer is millennialsspecifically white millennial men. And that’s where the movie Dunkirk really comes into play, because it teaches white men give up on life.

Since the arrival of millions of single Arab and African men of fighting age in Europe, and since the influx of millions of Mexicans and other Latin Americans to America, literally leaving the West unmanned means the death of Western civilization.

That’s what globalists and their media henchmen are really after. By provoking a war with Russia, they can punish white people for their alleged historical crimes. Never mind Nazi Germany, globalists today blame all of Western civilization.

For example, in his book The Open Society and Its Enemies, Karl Popper blames the entire Western philosophical tradition since Plato for leading straight up to the Holocaust. A general attitude among many Jewish people today is that “Europeans let the Holocaust happen”, ignoring fifty million European victims.

By sending childless, white millennial men to their deaths in a meaningless war against Russia, Europe, already suffering extremely low birth rates, will simply cease to exist. With no young men left, European women will either have to stay childless, or end up as someone’s fourth wife.

Make no mistake. The film Dunkirk is a weapon of psychological programming. The coming few years, you will see more of this type of deception, in cinema’s, in popular culture, in music videos, and on social media. The message will be always the same: white men must remove themselves from the gene pool.

Instead, I offer white millennial men a very different message: move to the countryside, start a family early, stay in Europe or in America, and fight in defense of your territory. But whatever you do, do not leave Europe or America behind to fight wars abroad. Once you give up our homeland, you will never get it back.

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