Rigging the 2016 US Election

How the Mainstream Media is Deploying Pre-Suasion Tricks to Make Americans Comply with a Clinton “Win”

If you haven’t read the latest book on Pre-suasion by professor Robert Cialdini, a persuasion expert, let me detail below how the mainstream media is actively deploying pre-suasion tricks in order to secure a Clinton “win”. Or rather, how they intend to make the American people comply with a rigged election. Dilbert creator Scott Adams, himself a persuasion expert, also believes professor Cialdini has been helping the Clinton campaign.

Besides, as Cialdini writes, something of this scale has been done before. In order to win the people’s support for continued wars in the Middle East, the establishment media decided to make use of embedded journalists who lived with the troops. Rather than reporting on policy, 93% of their stories focused on the soldier’s perspective, e.g. on how well-fed and well-equipped they were. Such stories then received 71% of front-page war coverage. As a result, these positive stories primed readers to favor the US Army and its wars more positively as well.

The goal of pre-suasion, however, is not to immediately persuade people, but rather to secure their compliance with one’s requests. For example, securing tax payers’ compliance with funding more wars. Since Clinton might lose the popular vote this election, before simply handing her the presidency, the establishment first has to make a Clinton win believable. So, establishment powers have resorted to pre-suasion, the things we tell people before we try to persuade them. Cialdini explains, “what we present first changes the way people experience what we present to them next.” 

Below, I’ll give three real-world examples of pre-suasion that are currently being deployed by the mainstream media to rig a Clinton win.

Example I: Sex Attacks

In order to discredit Trump’s character, the establishment wants to persuade people that Trump has attacked women sexually. However, since Trump has never been accused of sexual harassment before he decided to run for president, the media first needs to pre-suade the people otherwise:

  1. release a video of Trump’s braggadocios locker room talk, namely one in which he speaks of forcibly kissing women and groping them;
  2. make people sympathetic to the idea Trump might be a sexual predator by giving the video plenty of media exposure;
  3. pay women to come forward with fake stories of sexual harassment. 

Importantly, note that all women involved claim to have either been kissed or groped, fitting the scripted narrative as per step 1. As a result, many millions of people now believe Trump is a serial Bill Clinton, despite that none of the ‘victims’ have reported Trump to the authorities.

Example II: Fake Polls

What if Hillary actually loses the popular vote? The only way to get her into office then would be to rig the elections, but the American people might revolt against such obvious manipulation. Therefore, establishment powers first have to make a Clinton “win” believable:

  1. rig the polls, simply by polling a mostly pro-Hillary demographic, while ignoring likely Trump supporters (in other words, the polls aren’t scientific);
  2. use the outcome of fake polls to push the ‘Hillary is winning’ narrative;
  3. even if Hillary loses the popular vote, fake exit polls will still convince people otherwise.

Now the establishment can successfully rig the elections without having to fear a popular revolt, perhaps by using Soros-backed voting machines. Anyone still saying Clinton rigged the elections is a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Example III: Russian Hacks

While it is entirely plausible that Russians are constantly trying to hack the United States, the suggestion that Russians hacked into two US voter databases comes off as slightly fabricated. Especially since immediately thereafter the Secretary of Homeland Security expressed a need to seize control of the nation’s election systems.

But whether true or not, Russia’s alleged involvement offers a mightily useful pretext for yet another, still ongoing pre-suasion scheme:

  1. since Trump has already given Russia and Putin too much praise, blame Trump for Russia hacking the DNC and US elections;
  2. keep pushing the “Russia is hacking the election” narrative until people find it believable;
  3. in case Trump wins the election in a landslide, blame Russian hackers and have Homeland Security hand Hillary Clinton the presidency by Obama’s last decree.

Full disclosure: I believe the Clintons are disgusting animals.

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