Trump and the Fall of Western Media

According to most Western media channels, Donald Trump’s election came as a “complete surprise”. For nearly one and a half years, the media had been polling Hillary Clinton would win. Easily.

But they were all wrong. The New York Times was wrong (Clinton 85%). CNN was wrong (Clinton 91%). The Huffington Post was wrong (Clinton 98%). MSNBC was wrong (Clinton 99%). Such utterly delusional odds perhaps come true in dictatorships, but not in democracies. 

And that’s what the 2016 US election was really about. Seeing its democracy fall victim to a vulture class of globalist elites, represented by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the American middle class intervened. Ordinary Americans stepped up and saved democracy.

How could the media have been so wrong? Perhaps they had fallen victim to wishful thinking, for example when they deliberately changed their polling algorithms to make it look like Clinton was winning. Perhaps the media weren’t really polling the people, but their own bias.

But there is another, deeply troubling explanation for their bias. Cronyism. The media have been bought. Rather than reporting on current events, as journalists are supposed to, the US media deliberately tried to steer this year’s election towards a candidate most beneficial to themselves. 

America came within an inch of Hillary Clinton’s neo-feudal, fascist rule, backed by Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and the most corrupt levels of Washington. It’s now President-elect Donald Trump’s job to stop the anti-white globalists that have worked to destroy the West from within.

A saying sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln goes, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Trump’s win sends a powerful message. Americans want the world to know that they can no longer be fooled.

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