Uniting Europeans

How Multiculturalism Became Nationalism's Greatest Gift

Technocrats founded the European ‘Union’ despite the fact that European peoples have never really been unified. Very few things tie Europeans together, apart from us inhabiting the same continent. 

Native Europeans speak hundreds of different languages and showcase many different cultures. Ethnically, native Europeans are perhaps more diverse than the Chinese. Even within Christianity, the many different factions would refuse to consider each other Christian.

There simply is no such thing as European identity, but rather there is a collection of thousands of European identities, constantly changing and evolving. What, then, unites us? How can Europeans align their interests and join forces behind some common cause? 

Throughout history, Europeans have formed many alliances and coalitions among each other. Notably, Western Europeans united themselves behind a Christian Coalition in order to fight Muslims who had been attacking Europe in the East. 

Through stories of returning crusaders, the Crusades became the first historical event shared by all Western Europeans. But it did not unify East and West. What Europeans need today, therefore, is a shared historical event.

We are fortunate, because today, beyond our own doing, all Europeans collectively suffer the destructive consequences of mass immigration, of raping and pillaging invaders posing as ‘refugees’, of Muslim colonists erecting their mosques, of the Islamization of our way of life, and of our creeping submission to sharia law. 

Everyone suffers multiculturalism, the greatest threat to our own diversity. The Arab-African colonization of Europe threatens not only our identities, our cultures, languages, religions and traditions, but our very existence. We risk being replaced and extincted by people who’ve hated us for at least 1400 years.

For the first time in history, Europeans share a reason to unite behind a common cause — the defense of Europe. Multiculturalism, it turns out, is nationalism’s greatest gift. Thank God for Allah.

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