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Getting What We Want from Life

As newborn babies we rely on our parents’ ability and willingness to provide for us. We’re at their mercy. All children come into this world equipped with the social skills needed to secure the shelter and safety they need for their survival. A baby’s silky skin communicates it needs gentle touches. Babies’ cries signal hurt, danger, hunger or loneliness. Children have real needs and parents must find ways to meet them. In turn, children quickly learn to psychologically reward...

Who Are the Central Banks' Sysadmins with Root Access to Your Bank Account?

When the Federal Reserve decides to up inflation from 2% to 3%, increasing the money supply by say $10bn USD, they don’t actually turn on the printing presses or mint new coins. This kind of money exists only in electronic form — they don’t need to go mine for gold, nor print paper money. This inflation is created “from nothing” (believe it or not).

Using an actual printing press to counterfeit money is laughably primitive...

On the Mechanics of War

War drives technological innovation, but aside from using technology to defeat a competitor fighting over the same resources, such preoccupation with technology primarily helps numb the senses. Technological innovation takes our minds off our feelings, both during wartime and peacetime, in a manner similar to how blithering idiots ramble on like freight trains in their attempt to suppress upwelling feelings they have no experience in processing, because they never make time to try. 

The less time...

The Decentralize Everything Manifesto

Let’s Unwind the Unfair Structures that Govern Our Lives

Most of us believe that hardworking people are rewarded for their talents and for the risks they are willing to take. But the power elites of modern societies successfully centralized the people’s productivity in corporate ‘farms’, which they own. For example, in 2013 Apple paid 76% ($37B) of its profits to shareholders, while more than 50,000 hardworking employees scrambled for a piece of the remaining 24% ($9B), including...

The Skill to Learn Any Skill

If we take man as he really is, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him [then] we promote him to what he really can be. (Victor Frankl)

Reflecting on a decade of my professional life, I find that I accumulated many different skills. My various endeavors often had little relation to one another. But the one thing I did do consistently and continuously was learning the skill to learn any skill. In this article I’d like to share with you my understanding so far....

Bitcoin’s Sellout to Big Government and Big Business

Source: “good side” by kPluto | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When I joined the Bitcoin community late 2012, I thought I had joined the Rebellion. We weren’t going to rebuild the financial industry with new technology, but undermine it, returning financial power into the hands of We the People. We would build a global payment mechanism, circumvent central banks, do without central government regulation and service the unbanked while we were at it. The Bitcoin Dream promised to give people back ownership over their finances, freeing...

The Trump Card

Will Americans Play to Win?

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore | CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy offers Americans one unique asset. Unrestricted by lobbyists or PAC owners, the self-funded real-estate mogul can afford the political freedom he needs to restore the promise of the American Dream—self-determination for all.

America a Prophecy

The times, they are a-changing. As global economies are rapidly reaching limits to growth, with some Western...

Intelligent Atheism

Why Richard Dawkins is Doing it Wrong

Richard Dawkins, popular author of books on topics of evolution, biology and religion, such as The God Delusion, is probably today’s best known promotor of atheism. Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, a phycisist, travel the world promoting a ‘scientific worldview’ as filmmaker Werner Herzog calls it.

But rather than focusing on why (religious) dogma is wrong I believe the focus should be why science is right. I take this from a book by Ricardo Semler that mentions a truck salesman’s failing efforts to...

On Skill and Talent

When we reject people it is often because we failed to recognize their worth. The reason is that we confuse skill with talent. Many people who have a great skill in a certain area, for example a certain programming language, are frustrated to be reduce to just that skill. Higher-ups, people in management positions and even co-workers will mistake that specific skill with your whole personality.

Mentioning that you are good at programming Python suddenly...

Can Bitcoin Resist Being Hijacked by Corporate Interests?

Photo by peterras / CC BY-NC-SA

The Bitcoin software core is currently being managed by no more than a handful of volunteers. In comparison, Microsoft employs thousands of developers fulltime to build their flagship OS. Can Bitcoin’s core development resist being hijacked by corporate interests?

The years 2013...