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The Chimp Engineers: A Parable

Scientists Struggle to Make Sense of Chimpanzees after Discovering a Lack of Diversity and Equality

Chimp by Patrick Bouquet | CC BY-NC-ND

A group of scientists working for the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project in Uganda has been monitoring a particular chimp society consisting of over 200 members since 1995. Yet despite aggressive efforts to make the Ngogo chimps more diverse, ignorant males continue to practice patriarchy.

“When we first arrived, the team was so shocked we had to run back to our safe spaces,” said professor Hare. “We discovered that chimpanzees living at Ngogo...

Were Germanic Tribes Multicultural?

How Some Historians Project Modern Themes Onto History

Furor Teutonicus (1899) von Paja Jovanović

In our time of political correctness, it hardly occurs anymore that one or the other historian happens to prove certain prejudices about our forefathers. Here and there, Christian Pantle succeeds in doing so in his otherwise very decent book about Die Varusschlacht (The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest): “For a long time, the physical superiority of the Northern...


America’s Educated Class is Leading the Destruction of White Christians

Until recently, I had never really understood the liberal/progressive narrative demanding the West to become more ‘diverse’. But when riots broke out in Los Angeles and New York in protest of Trump’s election, the missing insight presented itself. And it’s a deeply worrisome one.

Those rioting crowds of anti-Trump protesters namely consist of highly diverse university students. In their classrooms, American whites account for slightly under 25% of the...