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Celebrate the European Spring

It's Time to Choose What We Stand For

Eugène Delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple

As a teenager, I was a socialist, but in adulthood I turned out to be a reactionary. What went wrong? Well, I’ve grown tired of standing by as waves of millions of immigrants crash into Europe’s shores every year for over half a century. The politics of our replacement has made all other politics obsolete. There’s no point in debating policy when there’s no place left to govern. Europe has gone to hell.

Regardless, a progressive movement...

After the Fall, a European Empire?

Recap of the book ‘The Decline’ by Professor David Engels

The Fall of Icarus (1635-1637) by Jacob Peter Gowy

Within twenty to thirty years, civil wars are going to break out throughout Europe, comparable to the wars Spartacus waged against Rome before the collapse of its republic. That’s what professor David Engels of Brussels’s Free University predicts in an (as usual) underexposed book Le Déclin (The Decline) that was also translated into German as...

Uniting Europeans

How Multiculturalism Became Nationalism's Greatest Gift

Technocrats founded the European ‘Union’ despite the fact that European peoples have never really been unified. Very few things tie Europeans together, apart from us inhabiting the same continent. 

Native Europeans speak hundreds of different languages and showcase many different cultures. Ethnically, native Europeans are perhaps more diverse than the Chinese. Even within Christianity, the many different factions would refuse to consider each other ...

Europeans, to Arms!

A Plea for a New Crusade against Islam

The Birth of Venus (1863) by Alexandre Canabel

After a council with his bishops, on November 27, 1095, Pope Urban II held a speech at a field near the French town of Clermont. He called on Europeans to stop fighting their violent fratricidal wars and instead take up arms against the Eastern heathens—Turks and other Muslims that had penetrated the heart of Europe. According to the Pope, the crimes these barbarians were committing against the Eastern European population justified a new kind of war, an...

Healing White Guilt

People of European Descent Deserve to Take Pride in Their History

The Huns approaching Rome by Ulpiano Checa

After World War II, historians scrambled to try to explain what could have caused such a destructive event. What was so different about the Europeans that had steered them towards the Holocaust? In their attempts to answer such a question, historians and sociologists began pointing fingers at four pillars of European evil: nationalism, xenophobia, racism and sexism. As a result, the dominant view of European history now centers around blaming white men...

High Treason

How 15 Years of US Military Intervention in the Middle East Surrendered Europe to Islam

Destruction, painting by Thomas Cole

Recently, Russia launched another attack to “bomb the shit out of ISIS”, as Donald Trump would say. The question is, why hasn’t the Obama administration done the same? If the US wanted to take out the Islamic State, they could have done so easily. Is there perhaps truth to Trump’s claim that President Obama and then secretary of state Hillary Clinton ...

Erasmus's War against the Turks

A Warning from the Past

Painting by Hans Holbein

To enslave a people, one must first erase the memory it has of its own history. That’s how European colonials had succeeded in converting entire African peoples to Christianity. In doing so, the subjugated had not only lost their older pagan faith, but had in many cases even forgotten their mother tongue. Even now, for example, hundreds of millions of Africans speak French, English, Dutch, a blend or a derivative of a European language. As a result, many have lost their...

Swedish Pride

Moral Superpower or Jealous Neighbor?

Nordic Summer (1900) by Richard Bergh | Wikipedia

The Kungsleden is an over 250 mile long hiking trail through Europe’s last wilderness. The trail beings north of the polar circle in the Swedish town of Abisko. There, the trail snakes southward across Swedish Lapland, where herds of reindeer and moose, and lynxes and bears get in each others’ way. The hike rewards the wanderer with breathtaking views, desolate mountain valleys, and wild streams of melting snow water that debouch into lakes and rivers. These are the veins...

The Defense of Europe

If Not Now, When?

Robert de Normandie at the Siege of Antioch 1097–1098

Arabs, guardians of Islam and its one and a half billion supporters, know that one day their oil will run out. Then their only source of income will disappear, because Arab nations don’t produce anything else the world needs. But in order to secure Islamic power on the world stage, Arab leaders must go looking for a new source of income.

Europe is willingly offering them that source: an aging, economically weakened continent that has fallen asleep, inhabited by naive suckers. If now isn’t the...