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A Rehabilitation of Alice Miller

Alice Miller, the radical Polish-Swiss psychoanalyst who broke with the Freudian drive theory that blames the child, is often herself accused of blaming the parents instead. Miller is further accused of preaching the truth, of Deutungsmonismus—finding evidence for your beliefs everywhere you look—and of not living up to her own ideals, noting that her own son was beaten by his father under her own watchful eye. ...

Spontaneity and Happiness

Psychoanalyst Dr. Alice Miller's Theories on Child Rearing

When you are born, in essence you receive a unilateral subscription to your parent’s services. As a newborn child you have no influence over the parenting service’s terms and conditions. Most parents will choose to provide healthy services such as tender loving care, providing a safe and protective environment for a child to explore spontaneity and happiness, emotional warmth and support, help with discovering appropriate physical and psychological boundaries. It’s all coloured by the culture one...