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Bitcoin, the Future Gold Standard?

If there really existed a ‘lost city of gold’ then the abundance of gold would have no more value than mere concrete or red bricks. What makes gold valuable? Gold’s inherent value is based on three characteristics: scarcity, the difficulty to obtain new gold through increasingly expensive mining operations, and the high cost to forge gold in meaningful quantities. Just like Bitcoin.

However, successful ...

Integrating Peer-2-Peer Identity Verification with Crypto Currencies

Photo by carrubbam / CC BY-NC-ND

Bitcoin is a pseudonymous cryptographic currency. Pseudonymous means users can perform transactions behind an alias, namely the public Bitcoin address. Because the Bitcoin blockchain keeps a record of all transactions ever made, anyone can trace the movement of coins from one alias to another. Bitcoin transaction thus remain relatively anonymous this way. But once your public address is linked to your real world identity, perhaps through a Facebook post or WhatsApp message...

The Crypto-Currency Protocol Wars

Bitcoin and the Internet of Value

Photo by chibcha / CC BY-NC-ND

What is the next stage in the evolution of the internet? The 1990s gave the world the internet of information: low-cost global access to near real-time information. But until recently it was impossible to create unique bits of content that could not be duplicated, digital scarcity. Without digital scarcity it was not possible to create a cryptographic currency, because of the problem of double-spending. If you could copy all digital information then you could simply copy digital...

Bitcoin for Self-Organization

The true meaning of the technology behind Bitcoin, the digital money for the internet age, is that it allows people to exchange information and verify its contents without said people having to trust each other, and doing so without a central authority. Bitcoin’s main application, the disruption of money and payments, is the first of many possible future applications. Think of decentralized identity, insurance, stock exchanges and even government.


Magento is Dead!

Merchants Want a Suite of Marketing Tools, not Refactored Code

Magento has been in decline since Varien sold to eBay. Magento Community Edition is dead. Magento Go is a failure surpassed by Shopify. Magento CE releases have dried up. 

So now what?

Magento 2.0 sounds promising. However, Magento 2.0 is lead by developers-only. No marketeers are involved to communicate merchant needs. I have tested Magento 2.0 dev60 and it is nothing...